presents: Creating a World That Understands Autism With Your Smartphone

4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

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Masterclass Suite Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B VI Lagos presents: Creating a World That Understands Autism With Your Smartphone is an informative discussion on the treatment of autism (and other neuro-developmental disorders) and aims to provide insight into the role of the connected class in educating the masses.

The first part of the session focuses on how activists and concerned citizens can organize an ever more connected class to use social media tools at our fingertips to spread awareness, collaborate and share information within even the most remote places across the country.

The second part of the session is an interactive discussion on the interdisciplinary model of treatment has introduced to Nigeria. It starts with a brief presentation, then goes into an interactive discussion with questions to the audience.

This is a can’t miss session for:
– Parents,
– Professionals in the field (medical professionals, therapists, teachers and head teachers, school owners, service providers),
– Entrepreneurs
– Techies etc.

– People looking to network
– Investors
– Businesses looking for CSR projects in the health and education sectors


The panelists include professionals in Nigeria working in the field of neuro-developmental disorders.
Mrs Helen Oshikoya – Child Developmental Clinician from Nobelova Gradani (Gbagada, Lagos)

Dr Yinka Atilola – Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist from Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (Lagos)

Dr Doris Izuwah – Clinical Director OLG Health Foundation / Autism Centre

Ms Patricia Oranye – Speech and Language Pathologist from The Grange School (Lagos)


Also joining us in discussion will be:

Esther Ganouna – Education Consultant (skype in from Italy)
Dr Toju Chike-Obi – Peadiatrician (livestream)
Michelle de Beer – Behaviour Analyst (skype in from Canada)
Dr Remilekun Durojaye – Physical Therapist – (livestream from Atlanta)
Mrs Esther Thomas – Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (livestream from England)

Venue & Location

Masterclass Suite

Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B
VI, Lagos

Social Media Week

4:00 PM - 5:15 PM presents: Creating a World That Understands Autism With Your Smartphone

Hosted by

  • Dr. Olayinka Atilola

    Dr. Olayinka Atilola

    Psychiatrist & Lecturer

    Lagos State University College of Medicine

  • Toks Bakare

    Toks Bakare

    Behavorial Analyst

  • Patricia Oranye

    Patricia Oranye

    Speech Pathologist

    Nobelova Gradani

  • Helen Oshikoya

    Helen Oshikoya

    Founder & CEO

    Nobelova Gradani