A Connected Africa: The Need for Radical Innovation in Education

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Hosted by edugist.org

Experience Stage Powered by Purple Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B VI Lagos

A truly progressive and connected Africa needs not dally with her education. In Nelson Mandela’s words ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.

Many governments in Africa have failed to key into the global disruption in education propelled by technology, refusing to relinquish the conventional antiquated cliché ‘investment and policies’ in education that have only kept us miles behind… however, a few young people have taken the bull by the horn.

The importance of education coupled with an assessment of its quality in Africa forms the basis for the quest for quality education in Africa in this SMW Lagos panel A Connected Africa: The Need for Radical Innovation in Education.

This session will explore  the potential of mobile technology to improve access to education for young people in Nigeria and by extension other Africa countries. We’ll be identifying young people’s aspirations and priorities, exploring the education and employment challenges they face.

  • Mobile broadband in e-Learning
  • Education Gamification
  • Mobile Learning Apps
  • Social Enterprise
  • Access to Devices/Infrastructure

A Connected Africa: The Need for Radical Innovation in Education

Is there  good in Social Media for Africans?

Has the widespread adaptation of technology  led to the erosion of our traditional cultural values that our forefathers paid dearly to develop and sacrificed immensely to sustain?

Social Media as an Educational Equalizer

Social media helps bring access to information to anyone who can see it. Here in Africa, this means that people in rural areas or with little access to services can now obtain educational, mobile health and financial services in ways that were impossible before mobile technology and the spread of social media. What are the challenges and opportunities in this sector?

Can Nigeria experiment with new instructional styles to take advantage of mobile learning devices in the classroom?

Since 2001, a lot has changed in the way humanity does everything globally through technology. Africa has not being left behind. She has striven to be on par with other developed regions on the technology journey. For example, in Kenya, mobile phones have become an integral part of cash transfer schemes, enabling poor people in urban areas to buy food.

If the global spread of technology can do all this, what else might it achieve, especially in a vital sector like education?

Enthusiasm for learning whether directly or indirectly is common among young people in Nigeria. The aspiration for a better career also rank very high for African parents, which has opened a big opportunity to patronise innovation in education and capacity development in general- powered by Technology.

One thing is clear; the classroom is just a quarter of the principal source of information and education for African people as we move into an increasingly connected future.

Venue & Location

Experience Stage Powered by Purple

Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B
VI, Lagos

Social Media Week

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

A Connected Africa: The Need for Radical Innovation in Education

Hosted by edugist.org

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