Creating Compelling Facebook Live Broadcast: Best Practices From

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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SMW Studio Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B Oniru Lagos

Facebook live broadcast is changing online journalism and re-shaping mainstream media. Since its launch in 2016, the online broadcast tool is re-defining storytelling and how readers engage with the news in real time.  Across the digital landscape, publishers can without restrictions stream live with a sense of immediacy, spontaneity, even fun, with comments and emojis flying over the screen like music notes. Many who formerly watched traditional news broadcasts now look to live-streaming as a source for timely information. For users, it gives a powerful and simple way to broadcast live video to their entire social graph, and they can now not only share live video with all those connected to their page, but also unlock powerful new insights into their audiences. But there are downsides too. When things turn serious, when news breaks and bad things happen, those same features that make Live fun and differentiate it from traditional live television also add a new sense of urgency, questions and dilemmas even safety and ethics issues arise. as the number one Nigeria’s online media has deployed its live streaming to reach millions of readers share best practices and challenges.

Discussion at the session will investigate:

  • The responsibilities that confront journalists beyond just telling the story as it unfold before them?
  • The ethical dilemmas of live broadcast?
  • How journalists can navigate a ‘two-way act’ of live streaming
  • What could go wrong? Challenges of live broadcast

Learning Objectives

  • Understand journalistic values and ethics, such as fact-checking, researching and producing fair and unbiased content
  • Learning how to create compelling live stream for publishers
  • Understand and deal with ethical issues and challenges in live streaming

Target audience

Bloggers, Online journalists, advertisers, publishers, broadcast journalists, media houses

Venue & Location

SMW Studio

Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B
Oniru, Lagos

Social Media Week

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Creating Compelling Facebook Live Broadcast: Best Practices From

Hosted by Media

  • Bayo Olupohunda


    Bayo Olupohunda

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