Learning on the Digital Frontier

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Hosted by Image & Time

Innovation Stage Powered by Visa Plot 5B, Water Corporation Road, Oniru Victoria Island Lagos

Esc. (A Social Action Project of Image & Time) presents a capacity building Panel Discussion & Keynote address themed “Learning on the Digital Frontier“.

This is a capacity building event featuring some of the most knowledgeable Media & Education Professionals in the Nation. The event will kick off the Esc. 2015 calendar following multiple events engaging and inspiring undergraduate students within the University of Lagos and will serve as an avenue to broaden the reach & impact of the Esc. message.

Social Media Week provides a great opportunity to meet with individuals on the cutting edge of living, learning & working in modern digital communities.
Panellists will be sharing from their knowledge & experiences on using modern platforms & avenues for self development.

The Panel Discussion will provide insights and tools young professionals & students can leverage on to begin functioning on a higher level.

Sephora Imomoh (Head UK Education Portfolio,British Council)
Gbenga Sesan (Founder Paradigm Initiative)Format:

The Keynote address will be taken by one of the panelists in front of a live audience of Undergraduates & Recent Graduates who have participated in recent Esc. events.
It will be live streamed and covered on social media to a number of Tech Hubs, i.e. remote sites & locations for a wider student audience.
The Tech Hubs will increase the event reach and serve as a source of talking points & questions for the Discussion and Q&A sessions.-


Venue & Location

Innovation Stage Powered by Visa

Plot 5B, Water Corporation Road, Oniru
Victoria Island, Lagos

Social Media Week

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Learning on the Digital Frontier

Hosted by Image & Time

  • Sephora Imomoh

    Sephora Imomoh

    The Project Manager

    British Council

  • ‘Gbenga Sesan

    ‘Gbenga Sesan

    Executive Director

    Paradigm Initiative Nigeria