Let's Talk Governance! Addressing Nigeria's Governance Challenge Post May 29

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Hosted by Strengthening Advocacy & Civic Engagement

Innovation Stage Powered by Visa Plot 5B, Water Corporation Road, Oniru Victoria Island Lagos

There are now more digital citizens in Africa than ever. Internet access (especially via mobile) across the continent has soared exponentially, and the web is inundated with giant strides expedited by technology every day. Social media increasingly dominates our everyday lives and we use it in a variety of ways. Whether it is promote our views, give voice to our grievances and concerns, engage in topical conversations, champion causes or campaigns, or to talk about our everyday lives, our new-found voices are here to stay.

How will Nigerians use social media after the much-anticipated March 2015 elections? How do people sustain the levels of activism and engagement with government and public office holders after the elections are over – to promote transparency, accountability and good governance. How will we use this medium to drive inclusion and address conflict?

Who is the new digital citizen? How does activism extend beyond tweets, Facebook posts, and signatures on websites? How do we go beyond being ‘thumb-warriors’ to actually driving accountability and transparency from our government?

And how can civil society help to shape this beyond May 29th? How can safe, conducive spaces for collaboration (rather than competition/territorialism) be created and nurtured and how can new media tools enhance/amplify the work civil society is doing?

Let’s Talk Governance! creates an open space for all actors to engage, discuss, share and learn. Through a combination of an Innovators breakfast, panel discussion, pop-up networking space and three master-classes, Let’s Talk Governance! hopes to help catalyse and increase action through this emerging medium.


  • How is social media changing interaction between governments and citizens?

Answer: Attendees at the plenary will learn from the experiences of the panel what their role as a digital citizen is, and how to make greater impact using new media tools.


  • What are the core governance challenges post- May 29th?

Answer: Using the topical entry point on extractives, We hope to spark off the discussion on how does civil society engages in the big governance, transparency and accountability issues to drive an inclusive secure future for all Nigerians.


  • What are innovators already doing and how can we share the learning?

Answer: Using three master classes (sharing practical examples of success in engaging government, making your point, and innovating new governance solutions), the session will build skills and enable participants find new ways of ‘learning forward’.

Venue & Location

Innovation Stage Powered by Visa

Plot 5B, Water Corporation Road, Oniru
Victoria Island, Lagos

Social Media Week

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Let's Talk Governance! Addressing Nigeria's Governance Challenge Post May 29

Hosted by Strengthening Advocacy & Civic Engagement

  • Yemi Adamolekun

    Yemi Adamolekun

    Executive Director

    Enough is Enough Nigeria

  • 'Tunji Lardner

    'Tunji Lardner

    Executive Director


  • Saudatu Mahdi

    Saudatu Mahdi


    Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA)

  • Amara Nwankpa

    Amara Nwankpa

    Coordinator, Public Policy Initiatives

    Shehu Musa Yar'Adua Foundation