Naming Names with Technology

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Hosted by Orature Lab/Goethe Institut

Goethe Institute Lagos City Hall Catholic Mission Street LAGOS

IMG_6258The rise of a connected Africa, as the theme of this year’s Social Media Week suggests, is expected to be fueled by more than just the physical and the social aspects of technology. How else can we connect? Where is the cultural component? How much of us is reflected in this bold new world?

THE PROJECT is A Multimedia Dictionary of Names, which utilises lexicography, orature, culture, technology, and the wisdom of a crowd. Currently, there is no source online to get information about (both personal and place) names from all around the many cultures on the continent. We want to change that, beginning from Yoruba, with a view to empowering citizens to take ownership of the documentation of their own cultural experience.

THE EVENT is a discussion on what the dictionary will look like, what it does, and how its success will be based on the involvement of people in different sectors. What a web dictionary adds to the newly connected continent isn’t small. We will be building an industry of knowledge purveyors: programmers, linguists, culture and language enthusiasts, students, speakers of African languages, and all those interested in building something culturally and linguistically relevant for today’s changing world. Read more about the project here.

WHO’S INVITED? Everyone interested in the project, those interested in volunteering in any capacity, or those interested in participating in the new knowledge economy in any other way not yet mentioned.

Venue & Location

Goethe Institute

Lagos City Hall
Catholic Mission Street, LAGOS

Social Media Week

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Naming Names with Technology

Hosted by Orature Lab/Goethe Institut

  • Kola Tubosun

    Kola Tubosun


    OratureLab/The Yoruba Names Dictionary