Smart Mobile Divas

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Hosted by W.TEC - Women's Technology Empowerment Centre

Masterclass Suite Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B VI Lagos



SMART MOBILE DIVAS     #SmartMobileAppDivas

The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) is organising a presentation panel, which brings together 3 notable Technological entrepreneurs who are running successful businesses and are using mobile technology and social media in an innovative and interesting ways to grow and promote their enterprises. They will present key mobile application functions to doing business alongside of using social media tools tailored for young women, this presentation will explore the benefits, challenges and means of discovering and deploying smart mobile apps for earning money.

Smart Mobile Divas is meant to focus on the issue of getting women to be more purposefully engaged with their smart gadgets, as such gadgets has rapidly become a vital part of many Nigerian young women. Furthermore these smart devices have been changing from just being a status symbol to a handy devices with numerous apps including the ones for social media sites. Unfortunate only a few tech savvy women utilise these devices while most women under utilise their devices for only chatting, mailing, social and multimedia and that’s just it. This event is aimed at building the frame work for a sustained campaign for the educating of women to utilising their smart devices to essentially emancipating themselves with their talents, passions and ideas through the smart use of their smart devices with ease at their own comfort.

As SMW 2015’s theme states: “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of A Connected Africa.” This is true as a connected Africa is the future. This theme pursues the economic impact of the driving force of smart mobile technology on the continents’ economy.

Our presentation panel is set to focus on a strong un-utilised segment (women) to utilising an un-utilised Technological tool, our presentation will have the following segment:

  • Statistical  presentation of opportunities
  • Mobile App opportunities and search platforms for doing business
  • Demonstration of using mobile apps for business
  • Legal frameworks and efficient monetary mobile platforms
  • Interactive question and answer session
  • Whats next –  join the W.TEC online smart diva club for regular updates

These are the major questions all participants will ask themselves before coming to check whether such session is worth it or not and surely our session will answer such in clear terms, they are the following:

What are Mobile Apps?
What are mobile apps? this is one issue we intend to fully answer by pointing out what mobile apps really are, their different types, their purposes, how they function, how they are made, what they are made for and who makes them. The session will explore the world of smart mobile apps to enable participants have a clear understanding of mobile apps to have them make full use of all the apps on their smart devices for their various daily activities. Furthermore our audience will leave our event with the knowledge on how these apps are made and how they could search for whatever app they need for their mobile multi-media needs solving most their challenges and providing for their needs with mobile apps. In addition the session will highlight the functioning and synchronizing of mobile apps with social media apps in line with the shift of most  multimedia activities which are gradually  done with mobile applications only.

How is Business done with Mobile Apps?
This is the main issue of the day, how to take advantage of the numerous business opportunities available in the app and social media world. Here we intend to present how to commercially use the available mobile apps and social media sites to making money with ones’ passions and ideas. The session will be presenting successful tech entrepreneurs, what they do and how much they earn to reinforce the actuality of opportunities in this field.  In addition the session will present the business side of numerous social media sites and apps, outlining the various strategies to making money  using efficient legal platforms to earn money safely. Furthermore the session will highlight the legal ways of conducting business on social media as such is not properly observed in Nigeria but seriously observed in Western countries this will enable our participants to properly and legally conduct business online with mobile apps and Socia media.

What is the future of mobile App Business?
Lastly the future and long term viability of mobile apps with social media will be addressed in our session as the dynamic nature of this sector will be critically examined   to enable participants understand remaining competitive and continuously advancing oneself with developments in the sector. Also the session will present the pace of innovative developments in the sector. Furthermore more future innovations for mobile apps and social media will be presented to participants to take advantage of future business opportunities on social media and with mobile apps efficiently. The session will also give participants efficient platforms to check for latest innovations and to stay ahead of the game.


1. Desiree Craig – Technical Lead for Youth Education Programmes – CcHUB


Desiree works at the Co-Creation Hub as the Technical Lead for Youth Education Programmes. Her role involves overseeing the different youth initiatives of CcHUB geared towards promoting the adoption of STEM by the younger generation. With a degree (Bsc.) in Computing from Plymouth University,    Desiree has a passion for technology and education, especially exploring possibilities where the two intersect. Her past experiences including working as Product Manager for Save & Buy, a virtual savings platform, as well as Team Lead/Co-Founder of the Efiko app – a social, mobile, educational app.



2. Silas Okwoche – Co Founder Nerve City
Silas Okwoche likes to connect the dots… and it turns out that he lives and works in Lagos-Nigeria where dots need connecting to solve critical problems in Africa’s largest economy. Silas is a serial tech entrepreneur and he co-founded Nerve Mobile in 2014. Silas & his team at Nerve are building smarter mobility solutions for Africa’s mobile 1st Generation. Nerve recently won the Tech Trail Blazers 2014 Prize for emerging markets as well as the DEMO Africa 2014 prize. Before Nerve, Silas has worked for frontier tech firms in Nigeria where he executed IT projects for diverse public & private organizations. Silas has background in engineering and picked up core coding and business skills along the way. Silas loves to play lawn tennis, believes in Africa’s bright future and hopes to visit space someday.
3. Bukola Akinfaderin – CEO Jandus Radio
Born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in the United States from age 12. Got her degree in Computer Science from Wesleyan University, Connecticut in 2002 and, subsequently, a Masters in Science in Information Systems from New Jersey Institute of Technology. She worked in information technology for over 11 years and developed several web solutions, including Content Management Systems, CRM platforms, prototypes for several mobile solutions,Caban (a mobile application for property search in Nigeria), and most notably, Jandus RadioDirectory Application. Bukola is the founder/software designer of the renowned Jandus radio mobile application with ( over 300,000 users worldwide). Jandus Radio application allows you to listen to Nigerian radio and other African Radio Stations on your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Venue & Location

Masterclass Suite

Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B
VI, Lagos

Social Media Week

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Smart Mobile Divas

Hosted by W.TEC - Women's Technology Empowerment Centre

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    Bukola Akinfaderin


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