1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Hosted by NOIPolls

Innovation Stage Powered by Visa Plot 5B, Water Corporation Road, Oniru Victoria Island Lagos

NOIPolls Social Media Week Polling Event is organised with the aim of creating an interactive discourse to assess and evaluate the critical need for and use of opinion research in this social age, focusing on how evidence based research and data can be used for policy planning, advocacy, business strategy development, media reporting and Nation Building.

Participants who possess smart phones and mobile devices will participate in a quick live poll on NOIPolls social media platform (Twitter or Facebook). At the end of NOIPolls Social Media Polling Event, Participants will have a clearer understanding and realization of the importance of opinion research; how social media and mobile connectivity can enhance its reach by making data and information more easily visible and accessible.

Examples to be sighted include:
• The role social media and mobile phones connectivity played in creating timely awareness about the Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria which contributed immensely to Nigeria’s ability to contain the Viral Disease and the role NOIPolls played in conducting the #EVD Poll, creating more education and awareness in the process. Ebola help hotline (0800-EBOLA-HELP).”
• How NOIPolls has been using social media to create more data awareness, sighting how the #NOIPollsWednesday platform on wefmng 106.3 #Morningmojo NOIPolls and #PollingFriday platforms are used to discuss and create extensive awareness of poll results e.g. Child Rape Poll NOIPolls conducted in partnership with Stand to End Rape (STER) Initiative.
Our target audience includes People in the Business Sector including Top Executives, People in the Public sector, People in the third sector and donor agencies.


About NOIPolls LTD: NOIPolls Limited is the No. 1 for credible country-specific polling services in the West African region. We partner with Gallup USA, the global leader in opinion research, to develop opinion research in Nigeria.  We deliver forward-thinking research and relevant data on public opinion and consumer markets on a range of topics. We enhance the activities of decision makers across all the vibrant sectors of the Nigerian economy.   We partner with policy makers, governments, donor agencies, civil societies, corporate organisations and the media to enhance their data set of information, ultimately adding value to their output.

Panelist will speak about: NOIPolls and Opinion Polling in Nigeria, types of opinion Research and Research Methodologies.

Private Sector: The need for and use of opinion research data in developing strategy and planning for private sector businesses, SMEs etc.

How evidence based research can be used to add value to Business Development Processes.

Social and Media Platforms: The need for and use of evidence based research data in this social age to support arguments and drive conversations on various social and media platforms.

How data from opinion polls can be used to tell the African story from an African perspective.

Brands and Markets: The need for and use of opinion research data for brand management, understanding market trends, product marketing and customer service.

Third Sector Perspective: The need for and use of opinion and evidence based research in the third sector, for creating narratives which can be used globally to support advocacy, causes, policies, campaigns etc.

Social media, Youth and Entrepreneurship: The need for and use of opinion research data on social-media. How evidence based research can make for a better informed and connected youth population. How entrepreneurs can identify opportunities using research data.

How Opinion Polling can help connect Africa via Social Media, Empowering her with Data necessary for planning, decision making and strategizing for development.


Chude Jideonwo: Co-Founder The Future Project and  Managing Partner of Red Media Africa

Ojoma Ochai: Assistant Country Director, British Council Nigeria

Kachi Onubogu: Executive Director (Commercial), Promasidor Nigeria

Kathleen Ndongmo: Creative Generalist

Waheed Olagunju: Executive Director (Business Development), Bank of Industry Limited

  • Media Partners: CNBC Africa, Channels Television, Bloomberg TV.
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Venue & Location

Innovation Stage Powered by Visa

Plot 5B, Water Corporation Road, Oniru
Victoria Island, Lagos

Social Media Week

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Hosted by NOIPolls

  • Chude Jideonwo

    Chude Jideonwo

    Co-Founder The Future Project and Managing Partner of Red Media Africa

    Red Media

  • Kathleen Ndongmo

    Kathleen Ndongmo

    Creative Generalist

    Kathleen Ndongmo

  • Ojoma Ochai

    Ojoma Ochai

    Assistant Country Director

    British Council Nigeria

  • Waheed Olagunju

    Waheed Olagunju

    Executive Director, Business Development

    Bank of Industry Limited

  • Kachi Onubogu

    Kachi Onubogu

    Executive Director (Commercial), Promasidor Nigeria”