Social Networking Echo Chambers: Communication in the Post-truth Age

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Hosted by Institute for Ideas (Ghana/UK)

SMW Studio Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B Oniru Lagos

The volume of false factoids, rumours and absurd narratives passed over social networks presents ethical dilemma for journalists and bloggers, battling to find the right balance between speed and accuracy, in the quest for advertising dollars online.

From the false quotes attributed to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and/or US President Donald Trump to doctored images and memes conveying false narratives, fake news proliferates and internet echo chambers confirms our biases while creating ‘bubbles’ of misinformation on social networks like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

Institute for Ideas Ghana (IIG) hosts Chat Apps, Social Networking Echo Chambers: Communication in the Post-truth Age an interactive panel discussion which will look at the unique challenges media and online publishers face in sorting out the ‘truth’, piercing the filter-bubble of fake news, and communicating factual, accurate and balanced reports to audiences in Africa and the rest of the world in the future.

Event attendees would expect to take away the following key points:

  • The importance of verification, truth-balancing and fact-checking in the rush for popularity and engagement.
  • How to recognise fake stories, altered images and make up hoaxes by trolls and bots.
  • The ethical responsibility to self-censor and cross-reference with other sources before sharing rumours and/or NSFW media online.
  • The need to recognise our confirmation bias, question more and to call out false news online, and within the echo chambers.
  • The digital tools for verification and fact-checking news and multi-media contents online.

Who should attend this session?

Journalists, bloggers, media consultants, social media influencers and public relations executives.

Venue & Location

SMW Studio

Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B
Oniru, Lagos

Social Media Week

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Social Networking Echo Chambers: Communication in the Post-truth Age

Hosted by Institute for Ideas (Ghana/UK)

  • Jennifer Ehidiamen

    Jennifer Ehidiamen


  • Dr Kobby Mensah

    Dr Kobby Mensah

    Coordinator, Marketing and Political Communications

    University of Ghana Business School

  • Yomi Omogbeja

    Yomi Omogbeja

    Founder & Editor

    Athletics Africa

  • Lekan Otufodunrin

    Lekan Otufodunrin

    Managing Editor

    The Nation Newspaper

  • Tyler Scriven

    Tyler Scriven

    Co-Managing Director

    TechStars Atlanta