Strengthening Youth Participation in Governance Through Digital Gaming

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Hosted by Youth Alive Foundation, Africa

SMW Studio Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B Oniru Lagos

There is enormous potential for youths to catalyze change in their communities and societies. Young people in any society are consistently the most adept at using and recognizing the potential impact of technology. And organizations worldwide are increasingly starting to engage young people as stakeholders with important feedback and innovative ideas to share to improve governance implementation.

For democracy, rule of law and good governance to thrive in Nigeria, the majority of the populace, especially youths, need to be become active citizens who are engaging government for change. Youths who constitute over 57% of the population need to play an active role in governance.

Your Excellency game, a role play digital civic game which seeks to educate players on governance is developed by Youth Alive Foundation (YAF) with funding from USAID aimed at strengthening youth civic engagement. Your Excellency will be launched at SMW Lagos. Evidence from Pew Internet research demonstrates that young people with the most civic gaming experience are the most likely to engage with real world political activities.

Attendees will:

  • learn how digital games can be used in development intervention
  • consider the potential for digital games as a viable business for the Nigerian Market.
  • have an improved understanding of the current state of the digital games industry
  • learn about the concept of ‘playing to learn’
  • demo “Your Excellency” mobile game and how it can be used to communicate governance information and enhance civic engagement.

Who should attend this session?

Tech entrepreneurs, social enterprise developers, civil society actors, young people, people interested in social innovation, tech industry experts and the general public.

Venue & Location

SMW Studio

Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B
Oniru, Lagos

Social Media Week

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Strengthening Youth Participation in Governance Through Digital Gaming

Hosted by Youth Alive Foundation, Africa

  • Charles Abani


    Charles Abani

    Chief of Party

    USAID Strengthening Advocacy & Civic Engagement

  • Rex Eyoita


    Rex Eyoita

    Head of Marketing


  • Uduak Okon


    Uduak Okon

    Executive Director

    Youth Alive Foundation

  • Bayo Puddicombe


    Bayo Puddicombe

    Technical Director