Technology & Smart Globalisation: Driving Africa’s SDG Agenda

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Hosted by The Lodt Advisement

Hangout Suite Water Corporation Road Plot 5B VI Lagos

How will technology help close the development gap in Africa in the era of the SDG?

In the last one and a half decades (the MDG era), African countries generally witnessed notable growth in their national incomes too. The failure to match that with social development has been the problem. Just look at the deepening problems of poverty and income inequality. There is, understandably, pressure on African countries to close that gap as we open another 15-year period under the new global development strategy (the SDGs).

There is a new challenge however. The new strategy will constrain African countries in adopting the old option for pursuing growth. That option says: merely adopt the same industrialisation methods which, over the last three centuries, has led to the current problems of Climate Change (what we call ‘dumb globalisation’). Africa will therefore need to bridge the development gap by utilising sustainable methods (‘smart globalisation’). Technology and innovation are at the very heart of that.

This event will examine how smart technologies developed by Nigerians are helping to solve key development problems, through presentations by tech entrepreneurs. In addition, two other professionals will discuss the challenges to the implementation and mass adoption/impact of these sorts of technologies— from both the demand side (technological access) and the supply side (investment).


Target Audience

1) technology entrepreneurs

2) venture capitalists/angel investors

3) members of civil society/development community.


Key Takeaway

  • Recognise the importance of sustainability to the emerging global development agenda and the opportunity for African countries.
  • Understand the vast opportunities in social innovation, sustainable technology and socially responsible investment.
  • Identify challenges in the current technology responses to social development in Nigeria.

Overall, we hope to aid the implementation of the SDGs by creating the linkage between the tech, investor and development communities in Nigeria.


Venue & Location

Hangout Suite

Water Corporation Road Plot 5B
VI, Lagos

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9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Technology & Smart Globalisation: Driving Africa’s SDG Agenda

Hosted by The Lodt Advisement

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