The Upwardly Mobile African Professional (Yuppie)

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Hosted by Career Solutions Africa

Experience Stage Powered by Purple Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B VI Lagos

A yuppie (short for “young urban professional” or “young upwardly-mobile professional”) is defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as “a young college-educated adult who has a job that pays a lot of money and who lives and works in or near a large city”…for the yuppie male a well-paying job in law, finance, academia or consulting in a cultural hub, hip fashion, cool appearance, studied poise, elite education, proper recreation and fitness and general proximity to liberal-thinking elites, especially of the more rarefied sort in the arts, are the mark of a real man- Wikipedia

Today, African professionals can be said to be upwardly mobile – we have access to higher salaries, better social circles, luxury and status goods and services than the generation before us did. This social and economic shift is in part due to technological advances and the penetration of social media.

Over the last few years, every Professional has talked about how social media and technology has transformed and is continually transforming the landscape of work. Technology, social networks, collaboration tools, globalisation, social trends, demographic changes and lots more has affected the world of work. Social media and technology have quickly evolved into a means for knowledge transfer, professional connection and also provides employment opportunities amongst other things. The emergence of mobile phones, especially in Africa and other parts of the developing world also opened up an entirely new world of possibilities for the young professionals.

 Our panellists are carefully selected across sectors, works of life and generations. They will be analysing the changes in the work place and how much of these were driven by changes in technology and penetration of social media.

 Some of the questions that we hope we can provide answers to are :

  •  With major economies and developing nations seeing growing numbers of African professionals, how can a young professional leverage on the opportunities that technology and social media bring for career advancement in Africa and in the world?
  • How can young professionals utilise technology and social media to gain insight on the global demand for talent and how can they prepare and position themselves for this talent base?
  • Can social media tools also be used to develop strong beneficial professional networks with other professionals and prospective employers?
  • One of the key challenges for Multinationals is how to integrate talent with global mobility to form a team that has a mix of international expertise and local knowledge. How can African professionals be at the lead of the talent base?
  • How do you effectively attract and retain talent among the Yuppie generation?
  • Should there be a change in the way work processes are carried out and how work spaces are configured to accommodate this new breed of workers?
  • What type of organisational structure is most efficient and effective in this new era?
  • In start-ups where majority of the workforce are young people with a modern set of skills. There is little hierarchy and the management staff are the same age or even younger than their workers. What foreseeable challenges would such an organisation encounter?
  • What about an older organisation that has a young workforce? What types of challenges might they encounter trying to manage a Yuppie workforce with the old approach? Any recommendations for how both types of organisations can succeed?


Venue & Location

Experience Stage Powered by Purple

Water Corporation Road - Plot 5B
VI, Lagos

Social Media Week

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

The Upwardly Mobile African Professional (Yuppie)

Hosted by Career Solutions Africa

  • Olusola Adeola

    Olusola Adeola


    Designing Futures

  • Segun Akiode

    Segun Akiode

    Lead Strategist

    Crescita Consulting

  • Simi Lawoyin

    Simi Lawoyin



  • Dr. Eugene Ohu

    Dr. Eugene Ohu


    Lagos Business School