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In the spirit of of our 2014 theme “A Connected Africa is the Future”, we launched #55FORWARD, a groundbreaking campaign inviting business, technology, entertainment and media leaders from each of Africa’s fifty-five countries to participate during the Social Media Week Lagos conference.

In an ongoing effort to continue highlighting the work of the Ambassadors selected for the 2014 event, we are organizing online events, projects and other activities that keep each of us connected.

55FORWARD Ambassadors exemplify our mission by utilizing technology to help people connect and share ideas and information. #55FORWARD Ambassadors are:

+ Visionaries and leaders in their fields.
+ Innovators with ideas that set them apart.
+ Changemakers with stories and case studies to share.

We are now accepting nominations for 2015 #55FORWARD Ambassadors. Organizations and individuals from across the continent are encouraged to apply. To express your interest in becoming a #55FORWARD Ambassador please complete and submit the form below. (Please note: It may take us a few weeks to properly process your application and connect the dots so please be patient.)

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