If you’re reading this it’s probably because you are already in the planning stages of your trip to Social Media Week Lagos. Traveling is always exciting and being prepared is key to enjoying your visit. We’ve put together some tips and information that every traveler to Lagos, Nigeria should know. In addition you will find all the information you need to know about obtaining a Nigerian Travel Visa (required), Official SMW Hotel & Airline Partners, Discounted SMW rates, and Ground Transportation.

Review this guide! It will help you avoid some of the pit falls of international travel and hopefully help you navigate the hustle & bustle of Lagos’ airport.

Quick Tips For Smart Travelers
  • Before you leave your home country make sure that you have all of your important travel documents. We suggest making photo copies of your passport, visa & travel itinerary .
  • Insure your airport pick up is confirmed. Being stuck at the airport is never fun! Uber and other ride sharing services are available in country but you will need to have a Wifi connection.
  • Don’t exchange your money with strangers. We strongly recommend that you only exchange money at your hotel.
  • Luggage Trolleys are available at the airport. They can be rented for the equivalent of about US$2
  • Contact your mobile phone and credit card companies and inquire about fees and usage abroad.

General Travel Information

To enter Nigeria, a valid passport and visa are required for nationals of virtually all countries (including US & UK). Passports must be valid for at least 6 months after period of intended stay. Travelers must first obtain an Invitation Letter. An Invitation letter  is required to apply for a Nigerian Travel Visa. SMW Attendees should download the SMW Visa Invitation Letter and bring it with them when they apply (in advance and from your home country’s Nigerian embassy or consulate) for a Nigerian Travel Visa. Visas cannot be obtained aboard planes or at the airport. Expedited processing will take at least two days. We do not recommend the recently drafted Visas on Arrival Program.


English is the official language of Nigeria and it’s used at all levels of administration, law, commerce and education.However, there are three major ethnic languages: Hausa – mainly spoken in the North; Yoruba – spoken in the West; and Ibo – spoken in the East. Other Languages include Kanuri, Edo etc.

Health Regulations

An international vaccination certificate against yellow fever (10 years) is required. Cholera (six months) is also required if coming from an infected area. Prophylactic anti-malaria and TB inoculation are recommended. It is often recommended to obtain Malaria medication from your country of departure. We recommend that you do research and speak to your health care provider about what medications are best for you.

Currency Regulations

There are no restrictions on importation of foreign currency. A currency declaration is, however required both on arrival and departure, for large sums of money in excess of US$5,000.00. Personal baggage up to 20 kilograms and belongings such as cameras and laptops for the use of bonafide visitors are admitted free of duty.

Airport Customs

Visitors may export souvenirs, although some articles (e.g. animals skins and antiques) require an export permit. Illegal drugs of any description are not allowed into Nigeria. Please check with a Nigerian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission nearest to you for current information before departure.

Baggage Examinations

International airports in Nigeria are staffed by wing customs officers who conduct normal checks of baggage on all international arrivals. Standard security checks are in operation at all Nigerian entry ports.


Nigeria’s currency is the Naira (N). Currency notes are issued in denominations of N5, N10, N20, N50, N100, N500 and N1000. Except for hotel bills in some hotels, foreigners should do their shopping and other business in the local currency. There are a number of Bureau De Change and banks at each International Airport where the visitor can convert from local to foreign currency, and vice versa. We recommend exchanging your currency at your hotel. For currency exchange rates check out this Google Converter.