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The folks at Crowdcentric who dreamed up the idea of a global Social Media Week asked us (Chinwag) a few questions about why we got involved with the London event.

Pondering the 35 events of last year’s week, the excitement of getting involved certainly comes flooding back, here’s the interview:

Please tell us a bit about your company.

Chinwag is a slighty tricky beast to describe. Founded 15 years ago, we’re a community of digital media and marketing professionals primarily based in the UK. We try to act as a focal point for developments within the industry through our forums and events. We publish Chinwag Jobs, one of the leading jobs boards for the digital sector, Viralmonitor a service to announce viral campaigns.

We also work with firms looking to develop their business overseas through the Digital Mission events and our consultancy services. I’m writing this from the Digital Mission to New York (hi, from the Big Apple) with 19 UK digital firms who are out here for a week’s series of events and ad:tech NYC.

What are the three most exciting things happening in social and mobile media in your industry?

Just three? Seriously?! OK, I’ll try: Location is the belle of the ball right now, but it’s such early days, we’ve only just scratched the surface. Content and the impact of adding social components will have a huge impact particularly where video meets social, and of course games and the introduction of gaming mechanics into, well, virtually everything. Lastly, and with my spreadsheet-geekery hat on: Data. Standardisation of interfaces, beautiful visualisations and sheer volume is providing insight to non-stats-geniuses.

Who will be collaborating with you to help make Social Media Week happen in your city?

I’m humbled by the list of people who want to get involed. We’ll be announcing our advisory board in the next few hours. It includes some of the best minds in the space from national publishers through to household brands, social networking giants, technology players and some some of the UK’s leading agencies. Honestly, when we put together the wish-list of people we wanted to get involved, we had no idea it’d come true!

What were your reasons for wanting to bring Social Media Week to your city?

When we were asked to get involved last year, it was right before Christmas and the idea of coordinating a week’s worth of events in 6 weeks’ time with Christmas in the way, seemed like lunacy. Chinwag’s tagline is ‘connecting digital people’ and the ‘social’ in social media is core to this, so despite the daft lead times, we jumped at the chance to be involved. We had no idea this’d lead to 35 events taking place with 3,000 attendees.

The support from our community and the wider digital industry was fantastic, and many connections were made during the week. There was lots of learning, new friends made and business connections made. The mind boggles at what we can achieve collectively with (slightly) more time this year.

I’m really looking forward to bringing together some of the big brains out there and exploring how social media is affecting all walks of our lives and bringing together disciplines that haven’t connected yet, for example what happens if we put the data-heads together with creatives to visualise the avalanche of data that the social web generates?

What three things are you hoping to gain from hosting Social Media Week?

Put simply, the ‘social’ in social media. Whether it’s networking at events, or learning collectively, it’s bringing together people in different environments, working, learning and playing collectively.

And most importantly we want to work with the widest group of people possible, from organisations through to individuals. Find out how to get involved ยป

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