Round-up: The Future of TV Advertising: Keeping it Social, sponsored by JWT and Fundamental Amp

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Social Media Week London generated so much coverage that it’s taken us a little while to pull together all the information. This review brings together the video, slides and coverage from The Future of TV Advertising: Keeping It Social, sponsored by JWT and Fundamental Amp.

The panel brought together leading thinkers in the field to discuss the opportunities and challenges of TV in a world where social media is embedded into the daily lives of the majority of the audience. How can brand advertisers and their agencies put the social into TV to maximise impact.

In a challenging environment for the TV ad industry, advertising revenues are being eroded by channel fragmentation, time-shifting devices like Sky+ and Virgin TiVo and the many other forms of screen-based entertainment that vie for viewers’ attention.

These very platforms offer a new world of interactivity, audience engagement and behavioural data, but we’ve been here before. Anyone remember interactive TV first time around? Is Social TV a reality?

Does Social TV offers the promise for advertisers to combine the quality content and wide reach of broadcast TV, with the engagement factor of social media? What are some of the opportunities that Social TV will bring to the table?

What can we learn from the latest innovative campaigns to apply to this new space? What can features like checkin, TV apps, twitter streams do to extend the reach and ROI? Can the targeting of Internet advertising be brought to the TV?

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