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This guest blog is by Rich Beattie, Senior Director Oracle Social.

Social media is a great equaliser. It has turned many traditional publishing methods on their heads, giving us all a platform to publish our content, thoughts and ideas. The phrase “Content is King” has never been more true than in the social space.

But, with such a plethora of content, to make yours stand out, it must be great —targeted, personal, valuable, entertaining—and overall engaging for your consumers. Here are some tips to do just that:

Identify the right platforms – Decide where your content will be most relevant for your audience.  Is it Twitter, Facebook or maybe Google+, Pinterest or a combination of all of these? Reassess this on a regular basis to make sure you’re moving in step with the people you want to talk to. Then drill-down into how you will approach this platform, for example, will you be optimising for a mobile environment or for the desktop web? A seamless experience is key.

Be personal and / or valuable – All content should feel authentic, personal and valuable to the consumer. Consider real-time deals and coupons specific to that person’s location and activity. Remember social media is unlike any other platform, it gives you (the brand) the opportunity to tell your compelling story directly to your audience.

Make it engaging – Entertaining, educating and informing are just some of the ways to engage with your audience. Enhancing your content with apps or the latest technologies, where appropriate, is another great way to increase engagement and should also be explored.

Images are essential – It is not just creating engaging copy that is appealing to consumers – you just have to look at the success of Pinterest to see how visual content can drive engagement. Just imagine how many times you check your social streams every day, now imagine how you prioritise these. Firstly, your focus will be on who posted that content, maybe those who share content with you on a regular basis. Secondly, is the image attached to that post, the user naturally slows down or stops long enough to read the headline when there is also an image in the post. All in all other social users are no different from you, which is why imagery is without a doubt a content queen.

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