Guest Blog Post: Social Marketers: Think Global, Local and Mobile

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This guest blog is by Rich Beattie, Senior Director Oracle Social.

Social networks have given us powerful platforms with the ability to provide scale while also targeting at a local and personal level. Armed with the right technologies, marketers today can achieve instant scale across Facebook and other social networks and almost simultaneously hyper-target content for individual, niche audiences for relevancy.

All this is happening during the mobile revolution – increasingly consumers are walking around with a smartphone in their pocket which has the capabilities equivalent to a PC and always staying “on” and connected via the internet, social media networks, text and email. Marketers therefore must have a strategy to approach global, local and mobile for success.

With more people accessing social via mobile devices, marketers should ensure that they are optimising their social media efforts for mobile – if not you could be missing almost 50% your audience, with 488 million monthly mobile users (and growing) on Facebook.  Ensuring that a Facebook app is Flash-free and optimised for whichever screen users are using is vital for example, as is identifying and fixing any broken mobile experiences.

Earlier this year Facebook announced it is focusing on building more effective mobile solutions to aid in app discovery, payments and mobile browser fragmentation. Marketers should be eager to execute on the bevy of new opportunities this presents to optimise content for mobile and achieve maximum engagement and effectiveness.

Effectively engaging your social consumer while they are on the go provides many added benefits.  Commerce, location-based apps, and real-time targeting allow brands to reach and engage with a consumer when they are closest to activities such as shopping and eating.  Delivering consumers real-time deals and coupons by location and activity can achieve tremendous results.  It’s about delivering relevant content at the opportune time.  It’s the blending together of the digital and physical worlds, giving brands a chance to expand and enhance the consumer relationship.

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