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To mark Social Media Week 2012, social@Ogilvy is hosting another of its infamous Spin events.

Next Tuesday (25th September) the Social Spin will land in Shoreditch, and present an opportunity for innovative and growing startups to get face-time with Ogilvy’s global client list.

It provides an unparalleled chance to showcase business with major companies looking to incorporate new ways of operating, and will provide space for new ideas and new relationships to grow. Fundamentally, the event will be a chance to develop themes shaping the industry; to discuss the ideas that will build social innovation.

It’s also a chance to learn what’s happening with the big social players and the fellow nimble startups who will disrupt them. Social@Ogilvy will attend, along with Ogilvy clients, social platform partners and the freshest social startups in London, creating a blend of ideas and opportunities.

The event takes place at 6:30PM on Tuesday, September the 25th at Salvation Jane in Shoreditch. It be an evening of hours of food, drink, intense social tech content and ideas.

Click here to register your interest and simply post a short article from your account stating what you do. If you use the key terms “Social Spin” or “Social@Ogilvy” in the title, we’ll be sure to see your work. You can also use the “social@ogilvy_spin12” tag to draw everyone’s attention to your expertise. From the written introductions, Ogilvy will choose 25 of the most relevant innovators and social media leaders and invite them to join us for an evening of Social Spin.

We will reach out to those selected by end-of-play by this Friday (September 21st).

For more information email, hope to see you in Shoreditch!

megan bowen

Intern, Chinwag


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