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This guest blog is by Rich Beattie, Senior Director Oracle Social.

Social media is changing the way we do business. It’s no longer just an ad-hoc, opportunistic sales and marketing tool, but is something with the power to transform business practices throughout enterprises.

We’d go so far as to say that social is just as fundamental a business change as ecommerce was – it is not just about selling products but about building engaging relationships with prospects, customers, influencers, partners and candidates through multiple social media channels.

Here are just a few ways this is happening:


Social is not only about engagement with your customers, it is also about engagement across your enterprise, with employees and prospective employees. Social, for example can be embedded into HR processes, to attract the best people to your companies, and to help new employees to develop, learn and collaborate. In fact collaboration and communication through social technologies has been seen to raise productivity by 20 – 25%.

Customer service

Consumers are impacting on brands more than ever before. More than 75% of people say they have posted a negative comment on a social networking site following a negative experience. But most companies have little or no way to respond to this especially as 70% of companies have little understanding of the social conversations around their brand.

Sales and marketing

Social has traditionally been used as a sales and marketing tool however brands should not look at social as just a marketing or sales focus. The relationship with the customer needs to develop moving beyond treating the consumer as someone who might buy from you, to a long term relationship.

Social media is evolving and businesses need to move from their existing social enterprise to a social-enabled enterprise where social is natively integrated across all processes within the business.

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