Unique SMWLDN Picks plus KETTLE® Chips: ‘Chopped, Diced and Sliced’ #SMWChip

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On the 27th of September Unique Digital is debuting the new KETTLE® Chips social media campaign bringing it to life, live at Social Media Week London.

‘Chopped, Diced and Sliced’ mirrors what is happening within KETTLE® Chips online social environment at an offline event, showcasing a 360 degree view of the planning, strategy, process and implementation of the new social campaign.

The first half of the event will cover KETTLE® Chips social brief, new product launch and objectives giving you a taster into the entire process from the initial concept. This will then be followed by Unique Digital’s creative response, media planning and new innovations within social media.

Simultaneously the official KETTLE® Chip Chef will be producing bespoke chips and dip for you to taste, and even create, utilising the power of social media.

Presentations will be held to show both brand and agency perspective  by key representatives from both KETTLE® Chips and Unique Digital,  whilst incorporating some social theatre bringing it quite literally to life!

On top of ‘Chopped, Diced and Sliced’ you will be able to find an array of KETTLE® Chips flavours in each official hub throughout Social Media Week London.

Look out for the recently brought back classic flavour ‘Sea Salt, Rosemary & Garlic’ around the hubs.

When you find them, make sure you tweet at #SMWCHIP to be in with a chance to win a KETTLE® Chip prize at the end of the week!

Other events that we find especially exciting include:

For those interested in new innovations within social media:
Cuddles or Funnels: Social Engagement vs Social Commerce

For those with an appetite for social:
Nosh: The Social Business of Food

For those who have a passion for social fashion:
[SMWLDN Fashion Day] Data Driven Fashion and the Death of Trends

We look forward to seeing you at Social Media Week.

Unique Digital presents: Chopped, Diced and Sliced, Live on stage.
Media, Mobile & Lifestyle Hub at Unruly
42-46 Princelet Street E1 5LP

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