7 Events at #SMWLDN That Will Help Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

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No matter what shape and size your company may be, chances are that content marketing is something you are already doing, but want to do smarter, faster, and see more results. Now is the time to make sure you’re doing content marketing right.

As an ongoing process which relies on fresh ideas that your audience will want to consume, keeping them actively engaged through new content programs can be challenging, but at Social Media Week London this September, you’ll hear from the industry’s top leaders on how content marketing is done right. Here are seven events to attend:

1. The Power Of Storytelling: How National Geographic Dominates A Fragmented Media Landscape

In this session hear from Claudia Malley, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer for National Geographic as she shares insights and learnings on how a 128 year-old brand has become one of the most successful publishers in a fragmented media landscape.

Session Takeaway: Learn how National Geographic became a global powerhouse for its leadership in visually compelling factual and entertaining storytelling.

2. Marketing In An Environment Of Shifting Attention

With the advent of digital media, new social media platforms and ever-sharper technology, consumers’ attention is constantly shifting. We shouldn’t be surprised by this new phase of attention shift, but rather we should strategize to tap into where consumer attention is building and where it’s going to be hot in the future, not solely where it’s concentrated right now.

Session Takeaway: This panel will discuss how brands should decide which “channels” to be on based on where their target consumers’ attention resides.

3. Social In 2020: A Conversation With Award Winning Clients On How To Win The Future Of Social

Ben Shaw, Head of BBH Live, is hosting a fireside chat with some of the most forward thinking social clients in Europe. They’ll be discussing how they’ve managed their brands to be leading players in the space and how they’re adapting to change for the upcoming years.

Session Takeaway: Learn how to get social a seat at the marketing table, how to direct your agencies to good work, how they’re preparing for the upcoming industry changes and more.

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4. Social News And The Power Of Live Video

2016 is the year live social video went mainstream. Early global hits tended to be entertaining, like BuzzFeed’s experiment blowing up a watermelon and a woman’s hysterical reaction to wearing a Chewbacca mask. But arguably live social video has had the biggest impact in the world of news and politics. 

Session Takeaway: Andy Dangerfield, UK social media editor for BuzzFeed News, will be joined by a panel of experts to discuss the power of this new technology, best practices and its potential use in the future.

5. The Cat Sat On The Dog’s Mat: How To Transform Content Into Unmissable Entertainment

The best and most effective content should be about what you don’t tell, and the order in which you don’t tell it. Daniel Zeff, CEO of Evidently and Fernando Machado, SVP Marketing Burger King will take the audience through 3 basic mechanics – using real world examples – that they can use to rediscover succinct and resonant storytelling and become part of a consumer’s life.

Session Takeaway: Hear about simple mechanisms to use to create great content, how to transform ordinary content into extraordinary content and the difference between a claim (posed as an insight), and a truth (a real insight).

6. Generation Y And The Rise Of #Lad Publishers

UNILAD? Lad Bible? Unless you’ve been in social media exile for the past few years, you will almost certainly have noticed their news articles, memes and videos appearing all over your News Feed (whether you wanted to see them or not).

Session Takeaway: Get a better understanding of lad publishers origins and operating model, get deeper insight into what’s made them so successful and why, what makes engaging/viral content in the age of digital distraction and how these publications impact social content from big brands.

7. Snapchat 101: Learn From The Experts On How To Master The Platform

This 101 session will help you understand how you can get the most out of one of the world’s fastest growing messaging apps. Our star line up of speakers, including Domino’s Head of Digital Nick Dutch, will help you understand why Snapchat has experienced a meteoric rise in a packed social media market – and how you can make the most of it.

Session Takeaway: Learn how the best brands in the UK use Snapchat, whether your brand should be on Snapchat, how you can make the platform work for you, and Snapchat best practices.

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