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A brand’s place within the entertainment world used to be straightforward: Throw media dollars at a TV show or celebrity endorsement, and let the entertainers do the, well, entertaining. Things have changed. Today, the lines are blurring between brands and entertainers, which means that entertainment properties (like networks and film studios) need to better understand the needs of advertisers; concurrently, brands must understand how to best collaborate with the top storytellers in the game.

At Social Media Week London, you can explore this trend at several sessions designed to shed light on this phenomenon. Here are five sessions to bookmark:

Hollywood is Not Just for the Movies: Brands Need Trailers, Too

In this session, Debbie Klein, CEO of Engine in Europe and Asia Pacific, will discuss the increasingly intertwined relationship between the entertainment and marketing industries. Specifically, she’ll explain why brands should put popular culture at the forefront of their strategy when developing new products. Audience members will come away from the session with a clear understanding of the reason behind the growing role entertainment plays across traditional communications, the importance of entertainment in the storytelling process and the possible opportunities brands have when they do more with their ads than simply push a product.

Process V. People: Everything You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

Social media has blurred the lines between influencers and celebrities. In this session, Justin Rezvani, Founder and CEO of theAmplify, will outline three fundamental target areas for creating more effective influencer campaigns: content, conversion and people. Focusing on tech platforms, including theAmplify, he’ll share how to achieve smoother, cohesive communication between brands and influencers, how to utilize paid media in the context of influencer programs, and more.

Understanding the World of Influence

In this session, Ogilvy‘s Victoria Partridge and Chris Walts will help audience members make sense of the paradigmatic shift in the media space that—in more intricately connecting brands and consumers—has presented the ongoing challenge of identifying the critical factors that drive popularity and loyalty among consumers. Thankfully, there are some strategic tips and tools that can take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of the equation. Join this session and you’ll be well on your way to selecting the right influencers and telling the most relevant stories.

Masters of Storytelling: How NatGeo Engages 350 Million Fans on Social

In this session, Nadine Heggie, VP of Brand Partnerships for National Geographic, will dish the details on how the company maintains its tremendous social media footprint comprised of over 350 million people. She’ll explain how the entertainment company is using social media to drive deeper fan engagement and generate interest for its swath of original and impactful programming.

Masterclass: A Social Writing Master Class

Screenwriting: Not just for Hollywood. In this session, David Levin and David Schneider, Creative Directors at That Lot, will walk us through the do’s and dont’s of writing for brands and broadcasters on social. Outside of That Lot, Schneider is an esteemed actor, comedian, and writer, appearing on shows like “I’m Alan Patridge” and in films like “Mission Impossible” and “28 Days Later.” Key points of advice shared will include ways to be original and tips for adapting tone of voice to a specific brand and platform. This degree of creativity, both in strategy and writing, is essential in ensuring that a brand’s story is told according to the unique relationship it shares with its audience.

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