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In the past, futuristic technologies like VR, augmented reality, and voice-controlled devices were only read in science fiction novels or seen in Hollywood blockbusters.

In just a few decades, more than 10 million homes are using Amazon’s Echo device alone to perform various voice commands. Developers have started integrating virtual reality tech like Oculus Rift into the latest video games. While The Dome, an immersive theatrical experience, has been invading music festivals like Coachella and Panorama.

Today, these technologies are being used by some of the largest corporations in the world (e.g. IBM Watson) and are finding their way into marketing campaigns at brands spanning from Domino’s to Johnny Walker. VR, voice, augmented reality, and AI are not just changing businesses, but are also quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives.

At Social Media Week London, these six events will explore voice, AI, virtual reality, and things all digital professionals must know about emerging technologies. Attend these events to dive into the world of VR:

Keep The Human in The Machine: Speaking With a Human Touch

Join HeyHuman as they explore how automation and machine learning is already impacting our lives in good, bad and ugly ways – whether through retargeted recommendations, voice-commanded devices and even socially driven election results.

HeyHuman will share their recommendations on the opportunities for brands to walk the talk of ‘being human’ in social through vital new ways of working and balance ease of experience with connective friction.

Why VR Will Be the Most Social of All Media

Since 1997, UNIT9 has been one of the world’s leading digital production companies. With more than 60 VR projects, they have partnered with agencies and advertisers to create virtual worlds, encouraging audiences to participate in brand experiences.

Henry Cowling, Executive Creative Director of UNIT9, will explain how social media will become more social because of VR. And tell you how to get set up for it.

In this session learn more about the potentials of VR right now and in the near future, why social is the key part of the VR puzzle, and why tech giants like Facebook are going big on VR.

ChatBots & The Social Commerce Revolution 2017

Many brands already have well-established e-commerce strategies in place, but the arrival of social commerce presents new challenges and opportunities. As with any innovation, it’s not always immediately clear whether your brand needs to get on board with the tech or how exactly it will integrate with your existing strategy.

We Are Social along with keynote speakers from Domino’s, ASOS, and Skyscanner will be sharing in-depth insights and case studies on how each brands are pioneering this Social Commerce Revolution and why you should be a part of it.

In this session, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of the role of chatbots to the brand, how to create a successful chatbot, and creating a friction free shopping experience.

AI Needs Designing

AI without ‘design’ is a movie without a director. The incredible potential of AI can only really be realised by harnessing and directing this power, by designing the rules, the boundaries, the inferences in what it learns and then the gearing, interpretation and the processing involved in turning what it discovers into subsequent actions and decisions that then permeate the network. In other words a ‘design’.

This panel will discuss the role design has in shaping these new technologies.

“Alexa, What Does the Future of Marketing Look Like?”: How Brands Can Leverage Audio to Reach Consumers

While most brands and companies struggle to break into the public conversation, your brand could be having a literal conversation with millions of consumers right in the comfort of their own homes via a connected smart device. The next great untapped frontier of digital marketing is the interactive audio space: living rooms equipped with Amazon Echos, Google Homes, and Apple HomePods conversing with, educating, and ultimately converting consumers.

In this demonstration, VaynerMedia’s Head of Smart Innovations Patrick Givens will walk the audience through two Amazon Alexa skills developed for Diageo and General Electric by VaynerSmart, VM’s Internet of Things (IoT) marketing solutions division.

Beating the Hype Machine: A Useful Guide to Mixed Reality

Mixed (or Augmented) Reality is set to rewrite the rulebook for human-computer interaction over the next 12 months. Text100 will be at Social Media Week London to discuss what works, what doesn’t, and how to position yourself for the wave of disruption that’s about to come.

In this session, audiences will walk away with a better understanding of unexpected applications for Mixed Reality and how they can complement marketing programs
Technologists’ perspective on the next wave for Mixed Reality and how marketers can think ahead.

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