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In today’s ever-changing media landscape, data marketing, analytics, and social listening have become essential for today’s marketers and advertising agencies to grow and thrive in the industry.

At Social Media Week London, attendees will hear from industry executives and creatives on how brands are using social analytics and data marketing tools to learn more about their audience and develop social strategies around the content they engage with.

Here are 7 events exploring data marketing, analytics, and social listening at Social Media Week London.

Check out the full lineup of speakers and planned for this year’s event interviews, panel sessions, and workshops here.

Your Social Sucks (Probably) (Havas)

In this talk Instagram influencer and Havas U.S. Chief Creative Officer, Jason Peterson, will help you understand why your content isn’t working and what you (brands & advertisers) need to do to leverage social with much greater success.

He’s got a different kind of agency, and with over 1 million followers on Instagram, he’s not afraid to tell you that your social sucks.

Paid Media for the Socially Awkward: Planning, Producing and Executing with Confidence (SOCIALDEVIANT)

The world of paid social media has opened up a whole new world of creative and targeting opportunities for brands. Custom lists, local buys, national filters, and more, provide limitless potential for what we can achieve.

In this session, Linda Johnson (President of SOCIALDEVIANT) will help you transform from socially awkward to socially confident in your paid media decisions, focusing on merging strategy with the right creative approach.

How Data Driven Creativity Will Be The Key To BuzzFeed’s Future Success (BuzzFeed)

In less than a decade BuzzFeed has quickly become a cross-platform, global network for news and entertainment that generates nine billion content views each month.

In this fireside conversation, we will hear from Richard Alan Reid – Executive Creative Director, BuzzFeed International – who will share some of the ways that BuzzFeed thinks about creativity.

Visual Content Marketing: How To Stand Out From the Crowd (Shutterstock)

With an ever increasing need to capture audience attention, the use of imagery has evolved to require more striking, high-performing visual elements that can engage and influence behaviour. As a result, content marketers now need to quickly and easily create visual content that supports their business on all channels.

In this interactive workshop session, Shutterstock will discuss an overview of creative trends to utilise when it comes to creative visual content and the best ways to create visuals quickly and ensure they resonate with your audience.

How Advanced Algorithms, Machine Learning and Bots Redefine Every Aspect of Modern Life, Including What it Means to be Human (The Webby Awards)

The Webby Awards examines the impact AI and machine learning are having on every aspect of life—from daily entertainment decisions to financial planning and medical diagnoses, and beyond.

This talk examines how the exploding field of AI is changing the way we live our lives and how it is impacting our humanity by eliminating decisions for us.

Following the talk, we’ll sit down with Anna Rafferty (Global Director of Digital Marketing at BBC Worldwide) and Vikki Chowney (Chief Content Strategist at H+K Strategies) to look at what this all means for marketers and agencies as they continue to adapt and learn how they should communicate and collaborate in this new world.

Listen, Analyze, Inform: Pulling Human Insights from Online Interactions (Ready Set Rocket)

Alex Lirtsman (Co-founder & Chief Strategist, Ready Set Rocket) will lead a talk on social listening, social analytics and their impact on the customer journey. He’ll tackle how today’s marketers are mining human insights from data and using that knowledge to effectively communicate with modern consumers, the role of social in driving bottom line ROI, how to effectively structure teams that can generate quality content and how to leverage past data to understand current trends and inform future decisions.

Jump Right In! Adopting New Platforms before Reporting Metrics (VaynerMedia)

Marketers are known for pushing the envelope and leveraging innovative tactics to reach consumers. In the quest for consumer attention, it may be strategic for brands to adopt platforms that have large consumer following and ranked highly in the app store, even if those platforms, don’t yet have a robust reporting platform for brands.

Meghann Barber (Associate Director, VaynerMedia) and her influencer marketing team will collaborate with Jonny Lennon (Head of Digital Marketing, Sports Direct) and cover what is possible now via highly developed platforms with robust reporting and contrast with less measurable tactics such as leveraging influencers posting about your brand on Instagram or Snapchat.

Why Metrics Matter: Understanding the Real Business Value of Scientific Measurement (Facebook)

Measuring true business value is one of the biggest challenges marketers and brands face. Selecting the right method and model has never been more important in understanding the customer journey and running successful advertising campaigns.

In this talk Kathy Dykeman, Head of Marketing Science for Northern Europe will walk you through everything you need to understand about how people-based measurement can be a be a marketers best friend.


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