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Founder and CEO of theAmplify on creating more efficient and effective influencer campaigns for brands at Social Media Week London.

Influencer Marketing has become a staple of the digital media mix, with brands both big and small reaching out to the most influential social media stars to promote their products and services. But you can’t just ask the next Kim Kardashian to be the face of your brand, it takes process.

How are tech brands and platforms taking advantage of Influencer Marketing and creating more effective and efficient campaigns?

Join Justin Rezvani, Founder and CEO of theAmplify, during their Stage One session on Wednesday, September 13 at Social Media Week London to learn everything you need to know about influencer marketing including:

  • Content creation: how to streamline communication with brands/influencers, automatically migrate influencer content, and use Influencer Chatbots to scale 1:1 communication.

  • Closing the conversion loop: using paid media to market test, optimize, and boost content to exploit the full value of influencer campaigns (as the value of content production is often overlooked).

  • The ideal role of people: free up human experts to focus only on the things tech cannot do better: serving as content consultants to facilitate influencers expressing campaign strategy in an authentic (not ‘addy’) voice, and offering white-glove service to clients as a resource for explaining what campaign information means — not just relaying it.

Bookmark this event, and check out the entire lineup of speakers and interviews, panel sessions, and workshops planned for Social Media Week London.


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