31 OCT - 1 NOV

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Why do Leaders from National Geographic, Instagram, and Pinterest Attend?

What you will learn

Content Tracks

We’ve organized the program into 14 content tracks and each session maps to at least three of the following:

  • AI vs Humanity
  • B2B Marketing
  • Data Decision Making
  • Driving Conversions
  • Evolution of Storytelling
  • Future of Brands
  • Future of Platforms
  • Future of Publishing
  • Future Tech
  • Paid Media Models
  • Social Content
  • Social Media & Society
  • The Influencer Equation
  • What's Next for Agencies


Each of the 100+ sessions will provide 2-3 actionable takeaways from the following list:

  • How to effectively grow and engage your audience
  • How to gain new customers and reduce cost of acquisition
  • How to use data to make better decisions
  • How to manage campaigns on a limited budget
  • How to work with influencers and influencer campaigns
  • How to invest in the right marketing technology products
  • How to understand the regulatory space
  • How to understand which content formats are right for my campaign
  • How to future proof my strategy for next generation consumers
  • How to rise above the noise through better storytelling

Who you will meet

SMW brings together more than three thousand professionals, who, like you, work at the intersection of media, marketing and technology. They represent brands, agencies, media companies and technology providers.

What do past attendees think?

When technology is moving so fast, content creation is moving so fast, and the rules of the road are also changing so fast around what we can, can’t, should or shouldn’t be doing, the opportunity to bring the world’s leaders in one specific channel of communication—to really have those heartfelt conversations across coffee tables but also hear the leaders of the industry speak on stage—Social Media Week is a really important endeavor.

Brendan Ripp

EVP of Partner Solutions, NatGeo

The face-to-face time—that’s where you build relationships, and that’s who you know who you’re working, and you can tell pretty quickly who you want to partner with and who you don’t moreso in an in-person interaction versus over the phone. For us... this is a great way to build rapport.

Brynn Caruso

Chief Client Solutions Officer, Julius

Events like Social Media Week that bring together disparate teams and voices and experiences, and share that knowledge, is always good for an industry.

Anjali Sud

CEO, Vimeo

Events like Social Media Week are such a good forcing function for thinking big picture and thinking outside the weeds of the day to day. And it’s so nice to meet other people who are thinking about the same problems and questions that you are and have an opportunity to have a conversation about them.

Lila King

Head of News and Publishing, Instagram

Information sharing: that's how we advance, that’s how we innovate that much faster. If you just operate in your own little bubble, you’re never gonna get that much faster innovation that you need… Imagine if you had that imagination bandwidth freed up to actually invest into strategies, and innovation and conversations with peers so you could actually learn from the best and brightest. That’s what Social Media Week is all about.

Rick Martira

VP of Marketing, Unified

I count on my Social Media Week emails to keep me up to date with new developments, useful tips, and best practices that I can use to up my game. What’s more, Social Media Week LA was an accessible and fun event with great networking opportunities.

Gabrielle Mejia

Digital Media, Foothill Transit

For an industry that continues to evolve so quickly, Social Media Week provides a forum for all of us to gather and pull ourselves out of our own little bubbles to discuss developments at large with a community of forward-thinking leaders. Social Media Week has become a can’t-miss event.

Rafi Mamalian

VP of Global Influencer Marketing, Undertone

Social Media Week is an important media event which our whole team looks forward to attending! It is a great forum to be inspired by industry leaders and insightful panelists on top strategies, innovations and social best practices.

Madeline Beniflah

Media Director, Acento Advertising

Social Media Week was a great way to learn about the newest trends in the industry from some of the leading voices in the field. I personally have incorporated many things that I learned during the conference into my day-to-day strategy. I am already looking forward to next year’s event to continue honing my social media skills.

Jim Mancari

Social Media Content Manager, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Social Media Week is a clear choice for marketers that understand the importance -- and continued evolution -- of social media within their marketing mix. Seeing the trends, successes and hurdles from brands across categories gives attendees best practices to bring back to their teams, while also highlighting themes that point the way to the future.

Veronica Merrick

Senior Manager of Business Strategy and Development, Fullscreen