The Anti-Panel: Why Influencer Marketing is Dead

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Hosted by Peg

Irongate House 30 Dukes Pl London London EC3A

This is an independently organized event and not part of the official program. HQ passholders must register separately if they wish to attend.

First and foremost, we’re tired of going to panels where audience questions are answered by fluffy, boring responses. (Do thought-leaders even share their thoughts these days?) Peg is here to challenge that and that’s why our panel is actually an Anti-Panel discussing Why Influencer Marketing is Dead.

In an age where Traditional ad spend is shifting away from TV, brands and agencies are trying to figure out how to best execute innovative Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Consumers trust Influencers more and more, but they can easily see right through Kim K and other “Insta-Famous” stars demonstrate how skinny tea have transformed their lives.

While Influencer Marketing proves to be wildly successful, Peg (a platform built for Influencer Marketing) actually thinks the market is dead. We’re now at a unique time where Influencer Campaigns are becoming the norm for brands and agencies to promote trust with their target audience. How do we do this and how do we do this the right way? At Peg, we believe the future is Influencer Collaborations and the truth is that we don’t think the concept of Influencer Marketing is totally dead, but we’re kind of tired of hearing it.

To keep in line with SMW’s global theme, we wanted to be sure that we cover a new type of language – the language of influencers communicating to their audience. How do they stay authentic while promoting a variety of brands?
At our panel, we will debate with people from PR agencies, music labels, and Influencers themselves as they discuss the future of Influencer Collaborations and how to set yourself up to run the best Influencer Campaign.

Event Outline:
– 6:30 – 7:00 Welcome and Mingle
– 7:00 – 7:30 Intro to Peg’s Influencer Collaborations and why our CEO, Nic Yeeles believes that Influencer Marketing is Dead
– 7:30 – 8:30 Panel and open discussion on the future of Influencer Marketing
– 8:30 – 9:30 Networking + Cocktail Hour


  • For all audience members to understand the stance of Influencer Marketing in their own eco-system.
  • Guests come away inspired to implement their own Influencer Marketing strategies.
  • Understanding why Influencer Marketing is important and here to stay.
  • How to conduct a high quality Influencer Collaboration Strategy that leaves your target audience happy and looking for more.
  • What simple solutions are out there to start your influencer campaigns.
  • Have an honest and open discussion about the problems with influencer marketing.

Venue & Location

Irongate House

30 Dukes Pl
London, London EC3A