The Changing Face of Storytelling: How Charities are Reinventing the Art of Telling and Sharing Stories

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Hosted by Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support 89 Albert Embankment London SE1 7UQ

This is an independently-organised event and not part of the official program. HQ passholders must register separately if they wish to attend.

Agencies are kindly reminded that this event is meant for professionals working in charities, NGOs, and the public sector, and these will be given priority.

For as long as language has existed, we have been using storytelling to lend weight to our ideas, to engage and entertain our audiences, and to inspire change in others.

But while storytelling as a concept is not new, the ways in which we are telling stories today is rapidly evolving. In recent times we have seen social media platforms introduce new features to accommodate the innate human desire to tell stories. In turn, the stories we tell are now shaped by the evolving tools at our disposal.

In this independent Social Media Week London event, we will hear from organisations that are telling compelling stories, either with the use of innovative technology or by means of new, bold approaches.

Speakers for this event:

  • Jessica Barlow from NHS England will introduce us to the story behind the Twitter account @NHS, and how the National Health Service is telling its own story in the voices of the people who work for it or use its services;
  • Danni Adam and Pete Speller from Greenpeace will talk about being one of the first charities to use virtual reality in campaigns to engage and inspire supporters;
  • Kate Dale from Sport England will take us through the journey towards the creation of the award-winning campaign ‘This Girl Can’.
  • Event host: Bernard Muscat, Macmillan Cancer Support

Venue & Location

Macmillan Cancer Support

89 Albert Embankment
London, SE1 7UQ

Social Media Week

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

The Changing Face of Storytelling: How Charities are Reinventing the Art of Telling and Sharing Stories


  • Danni Adam


    Danni Adam

    Senior Direct Marketing Executive


  • Jessica Barlow


    Jessica Barlow

    Digital Communications and Engagement Manager

    NHS England

  • Kate Dale


    Kate Dale

    Head of Brand and Digital Strategy

    Sport England

  • Bernard Muscat


    Bernard Muscat

    Senior Social Media Officer

    Macmillan Cancer Support

  • Pete Speller


    Pete Speller

    Deputy Head of Mobilisation