Get Well-Versed in Immersive Experiences: 3D Marketing for 2D Brands

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Hosted by SevenC3

Seven 3-7 Herbal Hill London EC1R 5EJ

This is an independently organized event and not part of the official program. HQ passholders must register separately if they wish to attend.

Social media has made us all a lot more demanding – we expect brands to entertain us, educate us and give us unique experiences. Equally, it’s never been harder for brands to stand out against the crowd.

Our speaker will take you through the rise of immersive brand experiences and what this means for the future covering a range of topics from how social media is bringing immersive experiential events to life, to how AR and VR will change the future of social media and how emerging technology will play an even bigger part in the future of social media.

Venue & Location


3-7 Herbal Hill
London, EC1R 5EJ