31 OCT - 1 NOV

When Does Influencer Become Advertiser and Why Should You Care?

Hosted by CollectivEdge (Fat Media)

  • Thursday, September 15, 2016

  • 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

  • Venue: Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre

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*Update: THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT! There may be space on the day due to drop outs, but we will be giving priority to ticket holders.*

With content and social media now the primary way for brands to engage audiences online, influencer marketing and native advertising is en vogue. The proliferation of sponsored content, fuelled by ever more sophisticated programmatic advertising technology, makes it increasingly hard for the consumer to distinguish between paid-for content, editorial and advertising. Our panel will explore how the relationship between brands, influencers, publishers and consumers is evolving and the issues (both ethical and otherwise) that are emerging from this transformation.

Topics we will explore:

  • As the lines become increasingly blurred between advertising and editorial, what are the ethical implications for brands, influencers and publishers?
  • How are regulatory bodies addressing the pace of change and what regulation might be coming later down the line as a result?
  • What best practices should both influencers, publishers and brands be using right now? What regulation is emerging now that we need to be aware of?
  • Does sponsored content devalue peer recommendation?
  • Will the majority of online content eventually be paid-for? How will this have an impact on engagement and readership?
  • What commercial models are being used now and do these make sense?
  • What other commercial options might be available in the future?

Attendees will find out:

  • How influencer marketing is evolving and what you need to know to futureproof your engagement strategy
  • Best practices around sponsored content (for both brands and creators)
  • What native advertising is available and when it is appropriate to use it
  • The current position on influencers and advertising from official regulatory bodies
  • Current views on what the future holds for influencers, advertisers and publishers

Panel members:

We have secured a range of spokespeople from all areas of the industry to ensure healthy debate around this topic:

Alexei Lee (Fat Media / CollectivEdge) – As Head of Social and PR, Alexei’s role includes overseeing planning and execution of influencer marketing and social advertising campaigns for brands, businesses and charities.

Debonita Choudhury (Elegantly Fashionable) – A fashion and travel blogger and Instagram influencer who has worked with brands such as M&S, House of Fraser and BooHoo.

Christie Dennehy-Neil (IAB UK) – Public Policy Manager at the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, the trade body for digital advertising. The IAB helps publishers, agencies and advertisers to understand advertising regulation and works with its members to develop cross-industry good practice.

Carla Faria (Time Inc) – Director of Content at The Foundry, the division responsible for commercial content at Time Inc (the UK’s biggest publishing network).

Dan Eyre (UNiDAYS) – Social Media and Content Manager, heading up the global team responsible for delivering engaging and relevant content to this brand’s millennial and GenZ audience. Dan’s role includes overseeing a broad range of influencer engagement activity.

About us:

CollectivEdge boasts an active network of 20,000 bloggers, vloggers and social media stars. Our mission is to match influencers with brands to create great experiences for consumers and we have hundreds of successful collaborations under our belt. We’ve worked with everyone from independent brands and start-ups through to high street names, and engaged influencers in every niche from fashion to food, and interior design to insurance.

Working with influencers and brands every day offers us a unique perspective on the changing face of influencer marketing, advertising and digital PR. This world is transforming at an extraordinary rate, which has led to some interesting questions being asked without any clear answers yet. We’d like to get influencers, publishers and brands together to talk about these issues and challenges. Our goal is that the industry as a whole can make more informed decisions about how they build relationships with online influencers and create better experiences for consumers. Social Media Week London will provide the perfect platform for this!

CollectivEdge is the sister brand of Fat Media, an award-winning UK digital marketing and advertising agency.

This is an independently hosted event. To attend you must register for this event separately. HQ Passholders are not guaranteed access.

Social Media Week

When Does Influencer Become Advertiser and Why Should You Care?

September 15, 2016 - 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Hosted by CollectivEdge (Fat Media)

Debonita Choudhury

Debonita Choudhury

Fashion and Travel Blogger, Elegantly Fashionable

Christie Dennehy-Neil

Christie Dennehy-Neil

Public Policy Manager, Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK)

Dan Eyre

Dan Eyre

Social Media and Content Manager, UNiDAYS

Carla Faria

Carla Faria

Director of Content, The Foundry (Time Inc)

Alexei Lee

Alexei Lee

Head of Social and PR, Fat Media / CollectivEdge

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