Let's Ensure Personalization Doesn't Become Isolation

3:15 PM - 3:40 PM

Hosted by Google

BFI Southbank: Stage One South Block London SE1 8XT

The ability of technology today to provide scaled personalized and relevant information has driven tremendous value to users and the market. From customized searches, flexible products and tailored information, personalization has driven strong engagement and immersion across the multiple digital platforms.

While precision medicine, tailored apparel and geolocation have a clear and strong added value, other tech personalization hold a darker side along the positive one. Filter bubbles and different news snippets can become counter productive by building forts instead of bridges and limiting the human capacity for empathy and understanding.

How to get the good without the residual bad is a relevant question in many technologies. In this session, Yuval Dvir, Google Cloud’s Head of Partnerships, will look into the technologies and platforms that drives personalization and find how we can ensure they are used for the better.

Venue & Location

BFI Southbank: Stage One

South Block
London, SE1 8XT

Social Media Week

3:15 PM - 3:40 PM

Let's Ensure Personalization Doesn't Become Isolation


  • Yuval Dvir

    Yuval Dvir

    Head of Partnerships, Google Cloud



Hosted by: Google