Announcing Dates & Initial Line Up of Cities for September 2011 Conference

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Following the success of our February 2011 events, we are delighted to announce the dates for the year’s second edition of Social Media Week, scheduled to take place this September 19-23, 2011.

The next iteration will again span the globe, with simultaneous events in cities all over the world.

Since February, the team have been working hard to identify and secure new cities, with a focus on building the SMW brand in the areas we’re already in, in addition to securing new partnerships in a number of significant emerging markets.

The initial lineup of confirmed locations includes returning cities Milan, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Bogota, and São Paulo, plus new entrants from Rio de Janeiro and Moscow.  Discussions are underway to add a number of additional cities, and the full and finalized line-up, including a number of North American cities, will be announced in May.

Far more than just a conference, Social Media Week is one of the world’s most unique organized events, providing through a series of interconnected activities and conversations across the world with a global perspective on emerging trends in social & mobile media across all major industries.

With each successive iteration, Social Media Week has grown exponentially, leading up to the February 2011 edition, which hosted simultaneous events in nine cities with over 600 events and 30,000 attendees worldwide. Taking place in eight countries and on four continents and generating more than 300M impressions online, it is the largest distributed conference in the world.

The September 2011 version is expected to have the widest global reach yet, with twelve or more cities participating worldwide.

According to renowned author and luminary, Douglas Rushkoff:  “Social Media Week is like a collective mind getting in touch with itself – an autonomous being reaching for new levels of intelligence. The facts everyone exchanges – though valuable – seem less significant than the acknowledgment we’re all thinking and caring about the stuff that matters.”

Beyond its uniquely global format, Social Media Week strives to maintain a model where free access to content, programming and events is made possible by support from global and local brand partners. The headline sponsor for both 2011 conferences is Nokia, the world’s largest mobile device maker, and additional supporters include PepsiCo, Meebo, JWT, AOL, Oi Telecommunications and many others.

“Social Media Week is more than an event, its a movement. Such an innovative event that taps into the human networks of people across the world and encourages sharing and best practice will move us forward faster and more effectively than traditional event silos. Nokia is proud to be powering such an innovative movement through our #NokiaConnects solutions and helping people join the conversations and participate from every walk of life”, said Craig Hepburn, Social Media Week Global Advisor and Global Director, Social Media, Nokia.

Social Media Week is managed globally from New York by Crowdcentric, who work with organizational teams in each city to create a globally interconnected network of themes, content and information-sharing. The city partners in each location provide a distinct local feel and flavor to the events that reflect an important blend of global and local interest points. In September, SixPix Content will produce the Brazilian conferences in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro; Milan will be produced by Augmendy, also organizers of February’s Rome conference; Bogota by Zemoga; Buenos Aires by Socialatom; Berlin by; and in Moscow by the Strelka Institute.

Moscow city partner Katya Girshina, director of public programs for the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, said, “We are very happy that we have been chosen as partners for the Social Media Week in Moscow. It is a very exciting opportunity for us and for our local partners to be involved with such an exciting international event. There is a huge amount of interest among young people in Russia in the development of social media and a lot of new projects are being launched and developed. It will be interesting for us to share our experience and learn from other participating cities.”

While conversations are ongoing with many cities already about being added to the September program, there’s are still opportunities to get additional cities or brands involved if they haven’t been already.  If you or your organization would like to get involved as a city partner and bring Social Media Week to your community, please let us know and visit us at Please also visit the link above if Social Media Week is coming to your locale and you’d like to take part as an event organizer, host, speaker or brand partner, or contact Ben Scheim by email at for more information.

For all press and media inquires, please contact Ben Scheim of Crowdcentric/Social Media Week at +1-347-224-3996 or by email at

Brian Leddy

COO, Crowdcentric


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