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Brady Hahn is an advisor for SMWLA and is participating on the panel “Social Media for Social Good | Solving Problems Using Social Media: A Workshop” which will be held on Thursday, September 22st from 11:00am to 12:30pm at the Bergamot Station. Brady is the founder of Non Profit Effect, a consultancy focused on collaborating for change in the non-profit sector through positioning for-profits, non-profits and social entrepreneurs for partnerships & strategic initiatives. Brady has developed 80+ events, moderated live interviews and developed panels with female executives in partnership with UCLA Anderson School of Management for Step Up Women’s Network. Brady is currently launching go.make.noise. with the Dolan Group, a lifestyle brand focused on sharing stories of artisanship and craft of creative noisemakers from across the USA.  Her passion for unlocking potential and building connections has inspired her work with over 200 corporate & community organizations, fundraising upwards of $1 million


Brady took some time to answer our six questions about her panel! See her answers below:


1) Why did you choose to participate in this particular panel? How did you get involved with this topic specifically? 

“Research” tends to be really overwhelming for people, especially for organizations in the non-profit / social good sector where resources tend to be limited in terms of staff and budget.  There endless amount of information available across dozens of platforms. I developed a process called the 8 Essentials that provides a framework to outline personal / organizational needs before jumping into the research process. I’ve found putting simple (free) systems in place make it easier to leverage social media to track information and navigate towards solutions.

2) How has social media influenced or informed the discussion surrounding your topic?

I have found Twitter & LinkedIn provide a tremendous amount of information for non-profiteers and charities to share information. At times, it’s overwhelming the number of conversations happening. Once you learn how to navigate either space, it gets easier to participate in the conversations and learn more. I’m personally addicted. Social media is how I get my news, network with friends / piers and how I continue to learn about innovations the sector.

3) What social media websites are key players for your topic? (linkedin, foursquare, facebook)
LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

4) How has your background in other fields shaped your approach to social media?

I’ll admit, I never really explored beyond facebook and my basic bio on LinkedIn until this year. In January, someone told me the flow of information on social media is like being at a dinner party, you can stand back and listen to the group, but you’ll get more out of the experience if you join the conversation. I realized I had never really learned how to leverage these platforms for opportunities and so many robust conversations happening regarding the non-profit and social good sectors.

5) How can social media bring more awareness to your topic? 

Non-profits now have the ability to engage with their supporters in a multitude of ways. Direct mail is no longer the only option, completely changing the way organizations fundraise. There are so many different opportunities out there than before. There are so many opportunities to engage in the conversations happening and charities and their supporters are really speaking up. Now it’s about refining the platforms out there and pushing technology to better support the sectors needs.

6) If you had to describe your panel with three adjectives,  what would they words be?

Equip. Exchange. Empower.

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