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Jim Morrison of The Doors once said, “Los Angeles is a city looking for a ritual to join its fragments.”

Building off the success and hard work of our partners over the past two years, this September you will see a few exciting changes to Social Media Week LA. Focusing the content on the cross-section of tech & entertainment, we will bring the “fragments” of LA together in Hollywood for one exciting week of collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas.

To kick things off, we are thrilled to announce that Tubefilter, one of our longtime LA partners, is joining forces with us at Crowdcentirc (owner and operator of Social Media Week), as a co-producer of this year’s event. As a curator of quality video content, creators of the Streamy Awards and hosts of the Tubefilter Hollywood Meetup, we felt they are the perfect partner to help us strengthen and grow SMWLA with our stellar advisory board this year.

To help you learn more about Tubefilter, we sat down with co-founders Drew Baldwin and Joshua Cohen in our first “Behind The Scenes” interview!

Behind The Scenes with Tubefilter

1. You curate a wide variety of content, ranging from major motion picture studios and television networks, to brands and advertising agencies, and even independent content creators. How do you define great storytelling and identify high quality online video that audiences will connect with?

To paraphrase United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart–I know it when I see it. There is no formula for great stories, but we have seen that compelling videos have mass appeal online.

At Tubefilter we’ve developed a system that combines technological tools and deep relationships with creators to help us identify the best of what’s out there today. As a name brand authority in online video and a platform for discovery, Tubefilter receives a lot of inbound flow, so we are never in shortage of shows to review.

2. What are the three most exciting trends you see happening in online video right now?

  • Stepping up the game. With unprecedented amounts of funding in online video, there has been a noticeable increase in production values and quality of online video across the board.
  • More ways to discover. New curation platforms have made it easier to share online video. The widespread adoption of social media tools have enabled us to leverage these platforms to and engage with larger more relevant audience.
  • Interactive storytelling. As video gaming and Hollywood continue on a collision course, new types of interactive storytelling have emerged. Alternate reality games, choose your own adventures, and live story events are among some of the innovative ways the creative industry is drawing in new audiences.

3. Are there any new projects Tubefilter is working on or projects that you would like to see realised in the future?

We’re very excited about the next Streamy Awards, which celebrate excellence in online video and the creators behind it. Tubefilter and our partner dick clark productions have a big announcment coming this summer.

4. Can you tell us a little bit about how and why you decided to get involved with Social Media Week?

Tubefilter has always positioned itself at the nexus of entertainment and social technology. The Streamy Awards have become a case study in how to leverage the social graph to access new audiences and build a following outside of traditional marketing practices.

With our emphasis on the intersection of social media and entertainment we’re work with leaders in online video, television and movies, celebrity culture, fashion, advertising, video games and music.

As an advisory board member last year I [Drew], saw an opportunity to take SMW LA to the next level by focusing on Los Angeles’ strength as the entertainment capital of the world and doubling down on Hollywood as the epicenter of creativity. We feel like our experience in media and event production made us a great partner for this event this year.

5. This year’s theme for Social Media Week is Empowering Change Through Collaboration. How are you seeing this played out locally and globally?

From KONY 2011 to the Trevor Project, creative people are using social media to engage new networks of people with compelling stories, raising awareness and inspiring activism in unprecedented numbers. 

6. What three things are you hoping the LA community will gain from participating in Social Media Week?

  • Learn. Find out more about how social media has opened up new ways that people can connect, share, and collaborate.
  • Connect. By bringing the event to Hollywood, we hope to bring together the various parts of LA for one big “block party” where people can get some quality face time with some of the most powerful influencers in social media and entertainment. We want people to become a part of one community of social media champions here in Los Angeles.
  • Have fun. Enjoy the great events we’re hosting at some of the most iconic spots in Los Angeles!

7. What kind of partners are you looking to collaborate with you to help make Social Media Week happen?

In past years, the tech and social community has been well represented at the conference. This year we want to make more of an effort to collaborate with online video produces and social media directors and community managers of the various studios in town to bring the entertainment focus to our programming.

We are looking for partners to submit compelling events like panel discussions, debates, seminars, workshops, mixers or even team-based challenges and scavenger hunts. Some categories to consider are:

  • Advertising & marketing
  • Art & culture
  • Business innovation
  • Education & learning
  • Health & wellness
  • Media & entertainment
  • Networking & parties
  • Politics and government
  • Social & environmental change
  • Technology innovation

In an effort to build community and create conversation and learning opportunities leading up to and during SMWLA, we are also looking for partners to get involved by offering high quality written or video contributions to featured on our blog.

8. If you could invent one tool or launch a new business tomorrow that is potentially worth a billion dollars, what would it be and why?

We’d like to find a way to gamify social sharing to recognize and reward the most influential curators in online video, to help us in our mission to discover and share the best of online video programming today.

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