A Pizza Shop Spent $240 on Facebook Ads. How’d They Do?

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Leading up to Facebook’s IPO on May 18, 2012 (or FailPO?), the professional journalists and amateur economists at National Public Radio’s Planet Money devoted a series of stories to delving deeper into into advertising on the social network that’s scheduled to hit the billion user mark sometime this August.

One of the questions Planet Money reporters Steve Henn and Zoe Chace asked was, “Does advertising on Facebook work?” They found a underground pizza stand in New Orleans, Louisiana with East Coast appeal to help them find an answer.

Henn and Chace got in touch with Pizza Delicious proprietors Michael Friedman and Greg Augarten just before the two would-be restaurateurs launched their first ad campaign on Facebook. The Planet Money people hooked the pizza makers up with a consultation from social media guru Rob Laethern.

After a tutorial on how to create a compelling Facebook ad campaign, a few failed attempts, and $240 later, Pizza Delicious ended its first foray into social media marketing. But, was it a success? Kind of! It’s honestly hard to tell. Check out the program from Planet Money to hear why and share your thoughts here or via Twitter @SMWLA.

Joshua Cohen

Co-Founder, Tubefilter


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