7 TV Shows Based on Social Media and Web Hits

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Social network game developer Zynga purchased OMGPOP and its smash hit application Draw Something for somewhere in the ballpark of $180 million earlier this year. Now, the company that’s turning Angry Birds into full-length feature film and 52-episode web series is bringing its Pictionary for the Facebook generation to Tinseltown, too.

News broke earlier this week CBS won a bidding war to bring Draw Something to the small screen. The network purchased a pilot produced Ryan Seacrest Productions and Embassy Row, which it will test before deciding whether or not to order a full-fledged series.

The news, of course, will bring to mind another social media sensation picked up by CBS and iterated into a television show. Shi*t My Dad Says starred William Shatner and lasted for 18 episodes before getting cancelled in its first season. (The Twitter account the program is based on, however, is still very much active with over 3 million followers.)

But that’s not the only other example of network or cable television obtaining the rights to turn an application or website with massive online and mainstream media appeal into a TV show. The good people at The Week thought of at least five more:

Check out the full list and more info at The Week. And let us know what application or website you would love to see turned into a TV show.

Joshua Cohen

Co-Founder, Tubefilter


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