Eventbrite Sells $1 Billion Worth of Tickets

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The extraordinarily well-funded San Francisco-based website that gives event organizers all the tools they need to plan, promote, publicize, and sell tickets to events of any shape or size just passed a very impressive threshold. This month, Eventbrite announced its organizers have “collectively earned $1 billion in ticket sales” on the platform. That’s a lot of cash!

To celebrate the occasion, the Eventbrite crew made a timelapse video of themselves acting a “little zay” and saying thank you in a variety of ways to all the online masses that helped them cross the 10-figure dollar mark.

Eventbrite started democratizing the event management and ticket sales industry since way back in 2006. That means organizers who use the website have, on average, sold roughly $166 million worth of tickets every year, $456,600 every day, $19,025 every hour, $317 every minute, and $5.28 worth of tix every second over the past six years.

Are you using Eventbrite to plan, manage, and sell tickets for your next event? Let us know! If what you’re organizing has to do with Los Angeles and social media, we’d love to attend.

Joshua Cohen

Co-Founder, Tubefilter


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