Seth Godin Raises $250K (and Counting!) on Kickstarter for New Book

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Marketing and motivational magnate Seth Godin launched a book on July 18 by way of Kickstarter. In the 11 days since, contributors have kicked in almost a quarter of a million dollars (or $244,071 at the time of this post) to see The Icarus Deception come to publication. That amounts to roughly $22,188 worth of crowdfunding per day, $924 per hour, $15 per minute, $0.25 per second. and more than six times his initial $40,000 funding goal.

That’s a lot of cash! And what’s more impressive is that there’s still more than two weeks to go in Godin’s Kickstarter campaign.

But this wasn’t your normal, everyday crowdfunding project. In Godin’s blog he explained the initiative as a hybrid model. He start a Kickstarter campaign and – if it proved to be successful – his publisher would publish the book. “By using Kickstarter early in the process, we eliminate book publisher/bookseller skepticism and create the excitement they need to actually stock and promote the book,” wrote the author of no less than 11 titles.

So, Godin used Kickstarter for the same reasons a lot of new media content creators use Kickstarter. To raise awareness as well as cash. In order to make his publishers feel comfortable about The Icarus Deception, he created a market for it long before his publishers ever needed to worry about any type of traditional marketing campaign or even think of going into print.

If you like Godin’s hybrid publishing tactic maybe you’d like to contribute to the campaign. Here’s a description of The Icarus Deception to help your decision making process. Note that all contributors will have the opportunity to read Godin’s 12th title before it hits eReaders and bookstore shelves.

This is a book about the mythology of success (and failure) and how our economy rewards people who are willing to stand up and stand out. For too long, we’ve been seduced into believing we should do less. It’s time to redefine what we’re capable of.

We are all artists now, and the connection economy we’re living in relentlessly rewards those who do work that matters. Okay, you knew that. So why aren’t you?

And here’s a question for you while you’re thinking of crowdfunding. This idea of Godin’s seems like a good one, so why isn’t every author in the world doing it?

Joshua Cohen

Co-Founder, Tubefilter


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