Virtual Travel Blogs: The New Escape

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Want to visit the Sistene Chapel, but don’t want to abide by the Papal Dress Code? You want to see Stonehenge up close and personal, but know there’s little chance of you crossing the Pond in the near future? Not to worry! You can now experience these places with the help of technology, Google Maps, and a virtual travel blog.

What’s a virtual travel blog? I’m glad you asked. It’s new type of seriously underrated vacation experience. Take for example, Day & Age. It’s WordPress blog by Amanda Morante that contains a variety of different subjects including virtual travel. Here, she inserts photos via Google Maps “street view” from a variety of places all over the world. By posting photos of streets and roads (that look like some shots from someone’s Flickr album of a recent vacay), Morante is giving everyone the opportunity to experience the world in a new way.

Although the street-lined photos are amazing in themselves, there’s more to virtual travel than the street view. I Love Typography has created a project with his audience where everyone tags and geotags photos of vernacular signs all over the world as a means of preserving those signs’ originality and history. Velvet Escape takes virtual travel blogs to a whole new level by posting photos of cuisine, hotels, and people as well as destinations.

There’s no comparison, of course to visiting far away locales in person. There will always be that one stone left unturned or that one path never taken that you can discover for yourself. But with how hard we’re all working these days, a virtual travel experience is definitely better than no travel experience at all.

Photo courtesy of Day & Age

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