Social Media Drives Teens To Communicate

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According to a new Mashable article, 18% of teens would stop communicating if their favorite social media networks were to be shut down. AWeber, an email marketing company that originally created the infographics, stated that email, phone, YouTube, Facebook and Skype all made the list of main forms of social communication. Twitter is surprisingly absent from the teenage repertoire.

Based the colorful graphs posted on Mashable, Adolescents are constantly connected to a social network in one way or another. From morning to night, there are bountiful options to connect through mediums like phones, iPads, laptops and school computers. All of these outlets use different channels of social media. Of the teens surveyed, the percentage of social media use is significantly high. Email and phone both top out the list at 93% as Facebook trails a close second with 90%. YouTube hit 74% while Skype as an outlet marked out at 47%. The bottom line is they not only use these five channels of communication more than any else, but they’re doing it a lot.

Because so many teenagers are connected socially online, it dictates what they do on a daily basis. From sun up to sun down, teenagers are connected at least a half a dozen times a day with the exception of face to face communication during lunch time. Although almost everyone is connected, not everyone wants it as a constant. Another survey conducted by Common Sense Media says teenagers prefer in-person communication and do want time away from the computer and phone, even if it means being a little bit disconnected.

EDIT: Please note that while the article on teens is on Mashable, the original post and infographics are from AWeber. For more information, visit the AWeber website.

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