Congratulations to InstagramYourCity Global Winner!

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Congratulations to the InstagramYourCity Global winner, Björn Köcher!

After two months and well over 10,000 photos, Social Media Week’s InstagramYourCity competition is complete. The beautiful and thought provoking photography courtesy of Instagram and any smartphone filter app shows us the potential of what we can do with a little bit of innovation and a lot of passion.

If anything these photos show us that every part of the world has something different to offer. But what may surprise you is what’s right here in Los Angeles.

The LA finalist, Dan Goldman, took a breath-taking photo of lifeguard stations at the beach during sunset. Although as Californians we have the opportunity to see this gorgeous view every day, sometimes capturing it as Goldman has is truly an inspiration to discover what your home city has to offer.

The interpretations and perspectives didn’t just end with California. From London to Bejing, every Social Media Week city participated in this fun competition. All of these images held a new perspective, one that communicates depths of understanding about what each photographer feels defines their city.

After much deliberation, the winning photograph was announced as Björn Köcher of Berlin (Congratulations Björn!!!). His photograph was of a replica of a chunk of the Berlin Wall with the words “The World is Too Small for Walls” painted in red. This is not only a monument to Berlin’s communist history, but an outspoken way of conveying just how far we’ve gone in the social effort to promote peace and open communication on a global scale.


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