Will Twitter Disallow All Instagram?

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If you love Instagram and Twitter, chances are you’re going to be a bit disappointed. Recently, Forbes came out with news of Twitter and how the social networking and microblogging website has disallowed Instagram users from finding friends through Twitter. This means that users who are already on Twitter can no longer be  added as users on Instagram.

The theory behind this is that Twitter is upset over Instagram’s acquirement by Facebook and they’re now setting up restrictions. It’s possible this is the first of many steps and Twitter will eventually disallow all Instagram picture posts on their website. Forbes’ own Eric Jackson believes it would be smart business for Twitter to just get on with it and create their own version of the Instagram product, which for techies is not that difficult to do.

For what it’s worth, a lot of people love Instagram, but they’re by no means the first of their kind. Photosharing websites are an integral part of the online social media fabric. Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Picasa, Snapfish, TinyPic and SmugMug are all available, just to name a few. It may be a pain to transfer photos before any news of Twitter and Instragram is decided. Luckily, the Internet is known to have an infinite number of choices. As for those Instagram fans, let’s just hope they won’t end up in the website junk yard.

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