How Do Churches Use Social Media?

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Here’s an interesting question: does your church use social media? Buzzplant, a Christian-based digital advertising company, may have your answer. And article via Mashable says that Buzzplant surveyed 250 churches nationwide to see if and how they’re using social media. Since an establishment grounded in thousand years of tradition and new technology don’t always go together, the findings were surprising.

The most obvious way a church uses social media is for outreach. Churches do still use the usual media suspects such as television, radio, newspapers, and door-to-door for outreach, however, 46.5% of churches now use social media, too. And the churches that aren’t using social media highly encourage their staff members to update regularly. Based on the infographic in the Mashable article, “56% churches surveyed allowed and/or encouraged staff members to update their personal social media pages at work.”

In spite of the contradiction between lack of professional use to staff member’s personal use, over 88% of churches are at least “slow to adapt” to new technology such as social media. While some churches have opted for more traditional routes, many are finding social media to be a progressive form and a positive outlet for spirituality.

What do you think? Does your church use social media? And if so, how? Let us know in the comments below.

Image from NY Daily News

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