Mashable Article on Fake Facebook Accounts Goes Viral

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According to the Mashable article, the number of total accounts may be as little as 872 million active users. Facebook originally posted almost a billion users (955 million users) on their site, but just under 10 percent or 83 million are considered “bogus.”

Although it’s a drop from the previous number, the 870+ million users is the new big number talked around. This is in high contrast to the 5-6% previously estimated, which originally made their bans of 20,000 accounts daily sound more powerful.

If this Mashable article wasn’t interesting enough, there may be a little irony in the popularity of the article itself. Aside from the 5,000 Facebook likes and 4,000 times it’s been tweeted, the article prompted several interesting comments. Most of the comments agreed that information on fake Facebook accounts is not news, or at least, not surprising. Many commenters posted their bets that the fake account number is underestimated; while there are comments that theorize as many as 200 million fake accounts, there are just as people boasting of their 2, 4 or 10 “alternative” accounts they use on Facebook.

Then again, perhaps the most important question is how many of those “fake” accounts are accounts for kids or pets. If user-misclassified accounts are any indication, only 2.4 of the 8.7% are taken into consideration. Hopefully Fido’s page is left out of that 20,000 daily ban.

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