Are You Suspicious If You Don’t Have Facebook?

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According to a new Forbes article, people without a Facebook can be deemed “suspicious.” This parallels American’s addiction to several social networking websites for well over a decade. More than suspicion, it’s the “fear of the unknown,” as many are continuously  looking up friends, lovers, exes, family and even coworkers.

“Suspicious behavior” is not a new concept but alters with every invention of new technology. As technology increasingly becomes a part of our lives, news on new technological addictions and the villains against technology will become a permanent staple in the daily life on a global scale. It’s a scary thought that those who avoid Facebook and similar social networks be labeled negatively.

Kashmir Hill points out that “Continuing to navigate life without having this digital form of identification may be like trying to get into a bar without a driver’s license.” While this does have some validity, there’s no telling what people will think in the future. Facebook added privacy settings for a reason and as the Internet has become more transparent, people find themselves searching for privacy.

It is true that many in the future will be deemed “suspicious” from abstaining from Facebook and the likes. But while everyone is looking at themselves through the distorted mirror of social networking, they will probably find someone missing on their friends list. They don’t count those as suspicious, but survivors and resistors to the overwhelming technological advances of the 21st century. In that case it’s not a matter of fear but simply of curiosity, one that can be satisfied via contact outside the realm of the World Wide Web.

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