Hacking Mat Honan’s Account: Is “The Cloud” Secure?

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Hackers are nothing new in the realm of the Internet, but that hasn’t stopped Mat Honan, a technology writer with Wired magazine, from going public about his experience with his hacked accounts. According to a Forbes article, when Honan’s accounts were hacked, he not only lost a bunch of emails. When his phone landed itself on the setup screen and the laptop was asking for a four digit pin, he knew something wasn’t right. What happened was akin to a hijacking as his digital life, from his Twitter account to the photos of his daughter were destroyed. Obviously, this was all done remotely but the real question is how.

The culprit were a set of hackers that managed to get access to Mat Honan’s Apple iCloud account. The hacking incident left the technology writer at a loss as he tried logging into iCloud to restore his phone and his laptop. In a world where “the cloud” is become a central hub where an individual’s personal and professional electronic are controlled by a syncing and a single password, there are bound to be hiccups. But if it means losing everything in a matter of moments to the whim of a hacker or a few, this is dangerous thinking.

And as the Forbes article points out, it’s nothing personal. At least, not from the hacker’s standpoint. Sure people like Mat Honan lose precious emails and irreplaceable digital items, but for hackers it’s all in good fun. Or, it’s a way of pointing out “the cloud” is not an infallible idea.

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