Idego Gives Early Adopters Something to Brag About

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There’s nothing like being one the first to like and/or adopt something new and popular.  The problem is, how do you prove it? Well, when it comes to showing your early adopter cred, has got your back.

According to an article by Mashable about idego and “early adopters,” this website is a hispter’s paradise. It takes a look at how awesome you are based on your ID number on the websites on which you have a profile. Your number could mean you’re an early adopter, were on a number of famous social networks before they were cool, and now have something to brag about on those various social networks.

Currently, supports checking out your profile digits on Foursquare, Github, Instagram and Twitter. The service gives you percentages based on those digits that basically tell you whether you’re “cool” or just another Internet user. One drawback is it does ask for authorization in the form of your username and password. This can be a warning sign for a lot of people, but  hearing from creator Beau Gunderson – who works at another website Singly – should put your mind at ease. I chatted with Beau to get the scoop on the site.

“idego was a super silly idea that I wrote during a hack day at work here at Singly,” Gunderson says. “The idea came about after the realization all four websites the product supports all use an auto-incrementing integer ID for the user ID.” (Editor’s Note: In laymen’s terms, for Instagram and the other sites, your ID is a number given to you based on how many people have signed up before you.) “To calculate the percentage I’m just using the most recent guess for the number of users a service has and comparing that to your personal user ID.”

This gives us two pieces of information. First off, the idego website is a legitimate pet project from someone who works at the Singly website. If that doesn’t put your mind at ease, the genius simplicity of idego should. For all intents and purposes, it’s a site that takes a look at a user’s numbers to see where they are in the grand scheme of things. And I’m happy to say that I probably started using it before you did.

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