Wasting Time in the Workplace: No Time To Lose

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According to an article on Mashable about a recent survey by Amplitude Research, only five percent counted Facebook and other such sites as the greatest drain on their time whereas fourteen percent attributed distracting ‘chatty’ co-workers as the largest time waste. On top of that, when employers show leniency about browsing social media sites, employees report a greater sense of work satisfaction and even claim increased productivity.

Every employer wants to find new ways to boost the productivity of their workforce. So many are turning to new surveys of employees in order to find out where time is being wasted. One perceived time sink shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Facebook and other social media sites have been the target of many higher-ups, with a large number of companies banning the sites altogether. However, when the workforce weighs in, Facebook seems more like the lesser of two evils.

Since all this statistical data is drawn from the employees, there is an inherent bias. However, no one knows the situation of the workforce better than the workforce itself. So it’s only prudent that the data that comes from it be given its due.

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