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As an editor for a geek news blog it’s somewhat of a hobby for me to surf through YouTube channels for the latest in nerdy entertainment. The emergence of YouTube channels who have the privilege of premiering their shows at media mecca’s like Comic-Con seem to have ushered in a new wave of “geek” viewers. Although it’s great to see channels like Chris Hardwick’s “Nerdist Channel” and Felicia Day’s “Geek & Sundry” become powerhouses (deservedly so), I’m not naïve enough to say “YouTube’s finally gone geek!” when obviously the YouTube community has been around long enough to have geeks find it on their own.

What I’m getting at is the community looks to be deciding what they want to see on the tube. The longstanding success of channels that provide great content like freddiew, CaptainSparklez, and iJustine have proven that there is a wide, and highly sustained audience that make it so videographers, personalities and motion designers of the geek persuasion can actually consider YouTube as a primary source of income.

Of course, these are special cases and not everyone can be the next freddiew, but the popularity of these types of videos can at least warrant production for money on the side. This fact alone is good enough for many to green light their backyard productions, or create kickstarter campaigns to fund things like an “Inspector Spacetime” web series because they know there’s a gigantic audience for it.

It may be cliché to say, but the winners are the viewers. As long as the audience is there, geeks will do their best to make great geek video content. What do you think?

Written by: Francis Santos, editor of GeekPeeks.com


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Francis Santos

Editor, Geek Peeks


I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in Journalism. I now do SEO work for an email company called Benchmark Email. I founded the Geek News website GeekPeeks.com and am the Executive Editor. I'm a full time gamer geek. Favorite games include World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, The Monkey Island Series and the Call of Duty Series. I am also constantly sleepy.

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